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  1. This was detected by our MachineLearning engine, which helps to protect even better against 0day threats. Unfortunately, as this is a heuristic engine, it's possible False Positives happen. Thanks for reporting these, as this helps to finetune the engine, so these won't be detected in the future anymore. This should be fixed by now. Please give it some time (max 10 minutes) in order to have it populate, so detection won't happen anymore. If still detected on your end after ~10 minutes from now. Perform the following steps: 1. Totally exit/shutdown Malwarebytes. 2. Go to here in explorer: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService 3. Delete the following file only: hubblecache 4. Then you can restart MBAM and the cache file will rebuild on the next scan.
  2. Hello, I would like to help you fix this but it's quite impossible to determine an issue from just screenshots. Please attach the detection log instead
  3. This should be fixed shortly
  4. Thank you for reporting this. It shall be fixed shortly.
  5. Thank you for reporting this. It should be fixed shortly
  6. Thank you. It would be helpfui if you upload just those 2 files.
  7. C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\SPFLITE2\CFGMAINT.EXE C:\Program Files (x86)\SPFLite2\SPFLite2.exe Hello, we need a closer look at the above files. Please zip and upload them in your next reply
  8. This is the VirusTotal report of the file in question > https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5319baa3a2a3ad5754b334d8b2ed4f163751f71432f3c7162a6d96109f703996/detection
  9. Apologies but I would require the logfile
  10. This appears to be fixed earlier. Please do another scan to reconfirm
  11. This will be fixed in the next 10 minutes
  12. This is indeed a false positive. This will get fixed shortly Thanks for reporting!
  13. You should be good to go. That will be adjusted in our next update
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