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  1. I like Malwarebytes, but find the subscription way too expensive. There use to be a lifetime purchase for around $80 (£65) which worked out well over five years. And only a few years ago, an annual subscription was $24.95 (£20). But now, I have to pay $43 (£35) per year, $40/yr (£25/yr) over two years, per station! So double these prices for two PCs. On the other hand, BitDefender Internet Security 2017, which is not too dissimilar, is just $40 (£25) per year, down to $25/yr (£20/yr) over three years, for up to three PCs! Can I suggest you ask people who have not already subscribed, how much they would be willing to pay? I think the increase in subscribers would more than make up for the decrease in price.
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