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  1. Additional info (can't edit original post) Android version: 6.0 MRA58K, MIUI rom version: MIUI 8.1 by xiaomi.eu 6.9.8 Core 3.18.22+
  2. Hello, i have Xiaomi Redmi 3 from China, with supposed to be European rom (MIUI 7). After scanning fresh phone installation with Malwarebytes, i have found 1 PUP and 2 Trojans. Android/PUP.Riskware.Downloader.scw in /system/priv-app/Weather/Weather.apk Android/Trojan.Downloader.Agent.zh in /system/app/Notes/Notes.apk Android/Trojan.Spy.SmsThief.de in system/app/FileExplorer/FileExplorer.apk None of these is possible to remove, since these are preinstalled system apps. (phone is not rooted). Any solutions on how to deal with it? I am attaching picture, sorry
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