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  1. Cannot open programs

    @BenCunn Dyllon told me yesterday that stopping the services via CMD whilst the problem is happening will not work. See his email:
  2. Cannot open programs

    Got another PC from another site doing similar thing. Tried the commands to find that the protection -stop command hung and didnt do anything. had to reboot the PC 3 times.
  3. Cannot open programs

    I have also partially replicated the problem on my own computer. If I go to task manager and kill MBAMService.exe, the symptoms are exactly what is happening. minus the immediate lock up. This does not happen if I I stop it via CMD or services. Do you think it could be an issue with this process starting up? @BenCunn I'm running ESET instead of Symantec now so it's not the same test. Could you enable protection on one of the PCs and change the startup delay from the console to say 90 seconds?
  4. Cannot open programs

    @Bencunn I will keep you updated. The last thing Dyllon said to me was this:
  5. Cannot open programs

    I spoke too soon. one of the affected PCs has again become unusable. Programs are not opening, explorer is crashing. Windows Defender is off. MSE is not installed. I need this resolving otherwise i'm removing it.
  6. Cannot open programs

    UPDATE: It is now 4 days without incident. Fingers crossed that this no longer occurs since doing recent changes.
  7. Cannot open programs

    For reference of the thread, I have changed MBAM Protection startup to delay by 30 seconds and i've updated MAE to version I have also enabled MBAM protection on the 4 computers so all machines on the network are running the same policy of MBAM.
  8. Cannot open programs

    Dyllon, your reply is great - But, It fixes a different issue for one affect user. What about the original problem posted? I've got several machines with MBAM protection disabled as per your suggestion and they have not had any issues. What do I do now?
  9. Cannot open programs

    I may have spoken too soon. The user is unable to browse "This PC" to show network drives or local drives. I've tried to log in as administrator but it just hangs "loading windows". Unable to do anything on this machine really so i've had to reboot it. And guess what happened when I told it to reboot? It hung. Had to force reboot the PC. Can we resolve this? Client getting frustrated, I'm too busy to keep dealing with this with no resolve. Disabling MBAM is not an option. Only other option is to remove malwarebytes and discontinue using it elsewhere.
  10. Cannot open programs

    Hi Dyllon, the computers which have got mbam disabled have not had the issue with opening programs. the pc i reported had it enabled and i've had to hard reboot the computer to get it working again. today i have an issue with a different pc where internet explorer will not load correctly but firefox will. i have tried to run procmon but it wont load. i assume malwarebytes is stopping this too. I just disabled mbam on this PC and saw task manager activity increase a lot then stop. Now Windows Explorer has stopped responding so I've had to kill the process and bring it back up. I enabled MBAM again and I reset IE via IE Options. I also deleted temp files etc and IE opens properly now. Not sure if it was Malwarebytes or just IE. You mentioned that MBAE had "blown up" - Do i need to disable this for my customers? Can you tell me if the issues i'm having are solely malwarebytes or is it because it's clashing with Symantec? Reason i ask is, we're moving our customers to ESET and if it's a clash then I can move them to ESET right away.
  11. Cannot open programs

    @djacobson The PCs which had MBAM Protection disabled have so far no had any problems. Ive had a call from someone who has it enabled and they're unable to open Microsoft Dynamics NACV 2016 (Process name is Microsoft .Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe) I've set this PC to disable protection and it still wont open. I've tried to do some troubleshooting but as always, explorer and task manager are not responding. my only option is going to be to reboot this PC.
  12. Console cannot find server

    Hi, Cant use local admin account on the PDC, as it's the domain administrator account. still doesnt find the server.
  13. Hi, I have the MGMT console installed on our domain controller. When I do an IP scan or any other scan, it does not find the server. I have been able to install the agent on the server manually and it shows in the console. However, i'm getting email notifications all the time to say the defs are out of date on the server. When I look on the console and the endpoint I can see that they're up to date.
  14. Cannot open programs

    I've had a call from another customer who cannot open Outlook. It started in safe mode with no problems and it also starts up when i disable the Symantec add on. They've only recently just had Malwarebytes installed too. I tried to log collect and explorer crashed. I tried restarting the process but the PC has hung. it's starting to get annoying now
  15. Cannot open programs

    @djacobson I got on the PC and started the log collect but explore crashed. I then started a restart and it hung. I disabled all Malwarebytes protection via the console and it got a little further but ultimately the PC had to be hard reset. logs should be in your inbox. I'm reinstalling malwarebytes and Symantec now as I did with the previous PC.