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  1. I've attached the zip file as requested
  2. It's even saying malwarebytes is classing it as negative but the software is classing it as malware.
  3. Also Virus Total is coming back negative on the file.
  4. I got this quarantined this afternoon and I've seen on reddit people are reporting League of Legends is getting flagged as malware any info on this one? I've also attached the log from the scan. Scrap Mechanic.txt
  5. I went to restore file in Malwarebytes quarantine section nothing is there like I stated before the file was deleted when I restarted the PC I have no other way to get this file back.
  6. I don't sorry I instantly restarted my PC soon as Malwarebytes prompted me to remove the file from my system.
  7. Randomly I got a quarantined file regarding Wallpaper Engine that I haven't opened in a while just wondering is this actual malware or this is a false positive. Also I've uploaded the log regarding the scan and file. Cheers Wallpaper Engine Scan.txt
  8. So I assume since I've updated my Malwarebytes System it's ok restore the files back ?
  9. Hey just update, I think the blocking of the Discord CDN file has stopped I haven't got a single website block notification today so I assume the database has been updated to accommodate the issue that was causing the pop up's with MWB.
  10. Well I spoke to Discord on twitter and they said they fixed the file on their end and its up to malwarebytes to do their part. So is this miss lead info or something else going on.
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