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  1. curl version: 7.75.0 32bit version Build: 7.75.0_2 Date: 2021-02-03 https://curl.se/windows/dl-7.75.0_2/curl-7.75.0_2-win32-mingw.zip https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/513c1e82bade47080162877b4abf2b2ae3f882e9b39ee5cd30260bd850772e80/detection curl.zip fpreport.txt
  2. Well I have not have any problems with MBAM and Windows 10 updates before that. So? It means nothing. And of course developer should release information if it knows problems with, even with couple of users. It was hard way to find out that it was Malwarebytes that slows down almost anything. How many have problems but cannot find out that it is MBAM's fault, so we do not know anything here. So there might me more than we know here.
  3. I had/have this too. It was totally pain. I had to e.g. revert back to Windows 1909 because I didn't know that it is Malwarebytes that after some time, halt almost everything - some applications that I started first run quite alright for sometime (after a few hours the system was unusable) but cannot start any new application). Then yesterday I tried to 2004 update again because WU offer it as first time I used MediaCreationTool. Luckily I found this thread after some one pointed that this kind problems are always security programs based. Malwarebytes should definitely offer update or so
  4. Well, MBAM cannot replace all other security programs, no one can. I like to try BitDefender Internet Security 2017 on my W10 Pro x64 with MBAM 3. Does anyone have any own experience on how the co-operation will succeed? AFAIK BitDefender does not like others (what a rasists ;))
  5. Truth hurts? Yes, it hurts. For a reason. But on topic, all IObit products and such obsolete snake oils and all registry "cleaners" should define to PUP.
  6. I think there is the seed of truth. Look this forum. Is MBAM 3 really redeemed his promise? MBAM 1 - 2 used to be reliable tool and it was trusted. I cannot say same about MBAM 3.
  7. Ok. I switched it on. I really really hope problems are fixed away. Is there technical information how Ransomware Protection works? I mean what it write and where. I already have disk imaging software and I do not need another
  8. Sorry for asking this, but there is so many threads that I just cannot find answer, is that problem fixed where if MBAM 3 Ransomware Protection is enabled, VSS disk images are shockingly sized? I use (apparently automatically updated because I did not update myself) version of MBAM: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.103 Update package version: 1.0.1825 Can I finally turn on that Ransomware Protection feature? Does it write large files on System/C:-disk?
  9. I do not be mean but one of important bugs is still exists: that it messes up somehow Incremental disk images I do daily (with ShadowProtect) makes incremental disk images huge. So I have to disable Ransomware protection. Still, thank you for have fixed some other bugs. What I have read, it seems that Malwarebytes should have done better beta testing because there seems to be quite a lot bugs. Edit. And times and dates are North-American style. I like to use European style to set days (dd-mm-yy(yy)) and times (24-hour clock). Thank you (and this is not beta stage?)
  10. But I really meant what this product really is, and it seems at it is in public beta now.
  11. Hello Somehow I thought that Malwarebytes 3 is the finished product. But it seems that it is quite incomplete. It has several bugs and slows down everything. I also wonder that I cannot use Ransomware protection because with it I get huge disk image (which are incremental but still huge size). I use Malwarebytes version: (Component package version: 1.0.43, Update package version: 1.0.1042). Is this updated at all? Is this really release version of version 3? Can I revert back to version 2 of MBAM and MBAE?
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