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  1. Well, MBAM cannot replace all other security programs, no one can. I like to try BitDefender Internet Security 2017 on my W10 Pro x64 with MBAM 3. Does anyone have any own experience on how the co-operation will succeed? AFAIK BitDefender does not like others (what a rasists ;))
  2. Truth hurts? Yes, it hurts. For a reason. But on topic, all IObit products and such obsolete snake oils and all registry "cleaners" should define to PUP.
  3. I think there is the seed of truth. Look this forum. Is MBAM 3 really redeemed his promise? MBAM 1 - 2 used to be reliable tool and it was trusted. I cannot say same about MBAM 3.
  4. Ok. I switched it on. I really really hope problems are fixed away. Is there technical information how Ransomware Protection works? I mean what it write and where. I already have disk imaging software and I do not need another
  5. Sorry for asking this, but there is so many threads that I just cannot find answer, is that problem fixed where if MBAM 3 Ransomware Protection is enabled, VSS disk images are shockingly sized? I use (apparently automatically updated because I did not update myself) version of MBAM: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.103 Update package version: 1.0.1825 Can I finally turn on that Ransomware Protection feature? Does it write large files on System/C:-disk?
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