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  1. Sorry That was a typo, Latest is Ver ☺️
  2. On 12/2/2020 at 4:36 AM, nikhils said: Hello @Geo-Deb Can you please try this: Go to Control Panel and uninstall existing MBPrivacy . Also uninstall Malwarebytes VPN Tunnel Driver Open MB4 and turn off Self Protection under settings: 4. Install the latest build with the fix from : https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/1i73562bkytks30rvdaeci29uwukxlfn 5. Install the build. This should hopefully fix the BSOD . 6. Once the MBPrivacy build is installed you can turn on Self Protection in MB4. PS:- Since this Fix using above met
  3. Information sent in PM by nikhils has Solved this BSOD Problem. Thank You & Kindest Regards George
  4. Sent info to your PM Box Thank and Regards George
  5. Thank you, will be waiting to hear back. Regards George
  6. Thank You , The attached 7zip file is the Memory.dmp was 599MB uncompressed, hope that will help. Regards George MEMORY.7z
  7. The smallest I could compress to 77.7MB which exceeds file send size
  8. Even though as seen below Desktop Screenshot it is installed on PC
  9. Ran both the Elevated Admin cmd promts, did another clean removal/install of MWB / Privacy using support tool, run Privacy and got BSOD again, Fatal Exception Failed - mbtun.sys , then when system rebooted got System error as seen in screenshot below, also have added new grab-results below too, Than You George mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. I will give the Clean install another go, will also due a Windows %Temp folder clean out first too, that can be an issues sometimes with old temp files left behind ect Than you George
  11. I submitted it Yesterday after doing a clean install of both MWB & Privacy to see if that would solve the BSOD problem but it didnt, still the same when you run Privacy, boom instant BSOD, also I running Windows 10 Pro version 20H2
  12. Since the latest update of Version Malwarebytes Privacy when you start up and turn ON auto Crashes to BSOD with Fatal Exception Failed to run - mbtun.exe Have attached Windows Minidump logs and mbst-Grab files below also haven't heard back from Support ticket #3275120 Is very annoying to have to have BSOD every time I want to use Privacy, waiting patiently to hear back from you guys Regards George mbst-grab-results.zip 112020-10671-01.dmp.zip
  13. Thanks mrtee, Pity the Support Team couldnt of done the Same when I asked, and still havent heard back from them either :-(
  14. Yeah same here been to Support all you get is generated email, with useless info, that still hasnt been fixed, well looks like they will be definitely losing customers at this shocking rate, been loyal customer to them for years, and mb3 is the worst so far, there isnt even a Download for the previous version on site either anymore :-(
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