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  1. Hi @Rsullinger Thanks for replying. We created a new installation package from the Management console and pushed that install onto the client's computer to get the latest version. Once updated, it solved the problem of closing the office applications. Thank you once again for your help. Much appreciated. Regards Priyanka
  2. Hi @Rsullinger Thanks for replying. We use Malwarebytes Management Console it’s version which I believe is the latest version. How do we upgrade the Anti-Exploit product to version 1.09 for the Management Console do it pushes out to clients? Thanks Priyanka
  3. We have got Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for business version running on our computers. I work in IT Support team and one of our staff members is experiencing issues with it. MBAE is preventing MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint to open regardless of the fact if the document is a newly created document or an attachment in the email. When I open any document (word, excel or ppt) it closes within a few seconds with the attached message. I have done a security scan to check if there's any unwanted file or program but It all came clean. After checking the logs, I could see a lot of things in there like an exploit code has been blocked etc. I have tried disabling the anti-exploit shield for ms word only but it still does the same thing. Can you please urgently help on this as it has become almost impossible to work? Regard Priyanka
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