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  1. Ok, so I manage the three computers we have here at home and after reading up late last year about how Malware is more prominent than the old school virus' and Trojans I decided to sub all three machines for 2 years. That was the calm before the storm to say the least. I purchased the licenses for the realtime and bootup protection, so those were enabled. Here's what I can remember off hand: PC1: Win7 x64 w/ MSE (I'd list specs, but needless to say this can edit, game, etc without breaking a sweat). Very shortly after installing MB I start getting everything from painfully slow startup (10x longer than normal, if it did at all), to BSOD talking about (the one mentioned in the forums this past month), to USB 3.0 conflicts (the Whole Vacant Bus!), to explorer.exe acting like it was gasping for air. I ended up having to fully rebuild this machine fresh as I'd rolled so far back that I was getting more problems than I could have solved. It felt like I was in an engine pulling parts to see what was doing what and just tossing them to the side. I Finally got it back up (took ages due to the WU vs SP1 bug) and decided to test MB once more with my very new installation. The second the startup began acting up I disabled the MB w/ WinBoot options and basically have been sitting here without realtime protection. AKA: Paid product running on the free options. Laptop: Basically the same config as first one OS wise. This one didn't have the same random problems, but got to the point that the OS could not boot. Even worse, the built-in recovery partition couldn't attempt to fix it because IT couldn't boot. On top of That, the Win7 disc I had (attempting to recover that way) would come to a screeching halt as well and I started getting HDD failure type responses. Oh that wasn't a fun recovery, but seeing as how I actually Make my recovery media and have paid products (from Paragon, their advanced stuff), it wasn't as bad as my self-designed/built PC1. PC2: This stripped down system runs Win10 x86 now Of all the machines, this one (being hardwired to the internet) has had the Most issues with (mostly user clicking) being infected and wouldn't you know, hasn't had an issue (related to the MB install) reported to me yet. Granted, they didn't tell me that the UPS needs replacing either, but still, I would have had heard about it by now. The only thing I can think of is that Win10 has a more advanced version of MSE integrated into it (amongst other things) and is therefore more of a part of it than the supplemental install that MSE is for Win7. That's a Very abbreviated summary of my holidays, but now I have some questions/comments. MB 3 vs MSE: So it's painfully obvious that MB doesn't play nice with MSE on simple configurations and optimal settings, but perhaps there are some settings that somebody has managed to get working? Again, I "paid" for realtime/boot/rootkit protection and I'd like to get it. I've read where some have rolled back to v2 and others have removed MSE. Since the latter is not on my list of options, I'll throw that out right now. I realize that the 'team' is trying to work on a problem, but the more input, the better we can help eachother. MB 3 and Scans: So the First thing I noticed about the new version (I'd used older/free for troubleshooting in the past) was the ridiculously short scan time. This is with me choosing the "deepest scan" option (first one) in the list. Now, I understand it's possible to make something more efficient, but there's No way a system scan of this hardware can go from MANY hours down to a couple minutes. I'd not looked into it too deeply until today and I think I know why. It looks like it's only scanning a tiny fraction of the operational part of Windows. Something like 350k files in only 1-2min. That's not even close to a deep scan on a system that regularly records extremely high file counts (millions). I decided to try the custom scan just now and the results are strikingly different and yet still not what I would expect (based on past scans with other utils). This time it took an hour, but only scanned 400k files. Even if it only scanned within my ISOs (need to double check that it's set to actually) about four dirs. in, that would still result in several million files and likely 2-4hrs (based on it's scan rate). MB 3 Pop-ups: This one's simple, it doesn't like to follow what it's configured to. I'm half tempted to just disable the notifications, but seeing as how I'm not on realtime scanning, it's not terribly annoying yet. MB 3 vs FB: This is more of a feeling than a confirmed, but I can't have the Web Protection active and actually be able to use the most basic functions of Facebook. To the point that I couldn't even create a post. I could comment, share, etc, but would have to use my Phone to post something myself. That seems to be consistent across the Win7 machines. Again, it's kinda iffy as on my one website I have to use Chrome to paste anything inside a similar webform, but that's IE vs SiteCoding. I think I had more to say, but can't pull the rest out of my head right now...
  2. I'd recently migrated from free to paid and I remember the OLD software taking almost as long as Windows to scan my system (I have an archive drive, so it takes a good portion of the day), but this v3 software skips most the system even when I have rootkit activated. I Just ran a scan and it's not even 2 mins long with a pitiful 350k files scanned. I don't know the Exact count, but past scans (or scans from Windows) results in something like a hundred million files or the like. I'm guessing that includes all of my OS ISO archives, so it makes sense.
  3. I had the same thing with Windows 7 and thought I had a hardware failure. It was even messing with my USB ports somehow. I ended up having to fully rebuild both my PC and a parent's laptop because both OS' got corrupted by having the realtime protection turned on. I just registered to read and Maybe get some configuration help to solve this as I had JUST paid for 3 PCs/2yrs and was NOT happy.
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