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  1. Ya Know now that you say something, my PC would make a sound like I unplugged a USB drive then crash. And if you already have a license key what I did was install an older MWB Link: https://dl.cleverbridge.com/342/okg4b6-20811-9A89204C-86584811/mbam-setup-web.NT-
  2. I have had MWB installed on my computers for as long as I have ever had them, recently I got a new laptop and went to put MWB on it and I noticed that they gave the website a new look along with some new software. After I installed the new MWB on my laptop I decided to update my PC with it as well. About 2 or so days after updating to MWB 3.0 I turned on my PC and soon after it gave me a BSOD with the heading BAD_POOL_HEADER. After 3 days of fighting I gave up and reinstalled Windows 10. Two days ago I realized I had forgotten to install MWB so after going to the website and installing it within minutes it crashed and gave me the same error and after Windows rolled back to yesterdays snapshot I realized finally what caused it and decided to come here for some help.
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