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  1. Seriously, robot looks like from the Japanese anime series of the 60's and 70's. This is the 21st century! Robert
  2. Come on guys. What's with the cartoon figures? Just leave it blank like the other tabs. Otherwise, looks good...clean and concise. Also, like MB promised sooooo long ago, to allow the users to clear history. Do not see it from the screenshots. I have to do it manually. "Simple Elegance" Robert
  3. Same thing. That's ok. Will just refresh Firefox and not install MBAM extension. Will just move along... Thanks Porthos and John for trying. Robert
  4. I have a lot of Security Protocols working in harmony, so not worried not using this extension. Robert
  5. Today. I will NOT uninstall/reinstall Firefox just to get this extension to work period! I appreciate the help, Porthos but no way. Robert
  6. clickbait now turned off. Same results. Robert
  7. Washington Post site. uBlock Origin 22. MBAM 0. Robert
  8. Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times. uBlock Origin works fine. Robert
  9. I could before. Thanks, Robert
  10. Broken again. Checked for updates none available. Only other extension I use is Enpass. This thing is just unreliable. What happen to 'Edit' for one's post? Robert
  11. Thanks, Porthos. Funny thing, just started working again with both extensions working—not dependable though. Robert
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