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  1. I Just send a contact email to Cloudup asking for the removal of that trojan file and including the url from this forum, I will update when get a response.
  2. is possible block only that especiffic url? All the files uploaded to Cloudup have the same type of url, any user could be the uploader of that trojan. examples: cldup.com/m9CCvxbW90.thumb.jpg cldup.com/g_PpaoIGPn.thumb.jpg cldup.com/BEKl-__HTN.JPG I've uploaded files on it for the last 2 years, this is like block "dropboxusercontent.com"...
  3. Hi, today cldup.com was blocked but i'm sure that is a false positive because that domain is from a cloud service cloudup.com on wordpress, mi blog uses it to hosting images and videos but now don't show nothing because s1.cldup.com and cldup.com are blocked. thanks.
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