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  1. Settings>General>User Access>Manage access As I understand it, managing access can be used to prevent any other person who may use my computer, from altering my settings unless they have the password. As I'm the only user of my PC I have no worries on that point. What I wish to know is, would their be the possibility of a remote hacker or malware, altering settings if I don't implement access restrictions? If there is such a possibility, would it be advisable to tick the "Block All" box? Thanks.
  2. Why are Hyper Scan and Customs Scan options hidden from view? I had to find out by reading some of the version four manual. Doesn't Malwarebytes want the casual user to perform these types of scan? In case others are having difficulty finding these hidden options, click on the cross-hairs and in the pop-up click "Advanced scanners". Hope this saves other some time.
  3. Hi After adding 27 applications to the list of protected application MBAM has blocked two from running. The reports are attached. I've performed a full scan with MBAM, uploaded both Resonic Player Beta and TeraCopy 2.27 to VT with nil results, downloaded both Sophosr Virus Removal Tool and ESET Online AV Scanner and run them with no problems found. I've uninstalled Resonic Player Beta and will uninstall TeraCopy, but I'm curious about the issue. None of the other applications I added to be protected have been blocked. I've also set the Anti-Exploits Settings to their defaults.
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply. I think I understand how Malwarebytes 3.x works now. Cheers.
  5. I came across Windows Media Player Scripting Fix by developer of SpywareBlaster. This made me wonder if mp3 and other media files could be infected or could cause problems similar to those seen in wma files. I searched these forums and found this entry by David H. Lipman Posted January 21, 2014, " One should not confuse SAS and MBAM, which are adjunct scanners, with traditional anti virus scanners which target media files, graphic files, data files or script files and other files that may be malicious or used in exploitation vectors. (topic/140812-can-an-mp3-file-contain-malware). If I r
  6. Really getting disgusted with MBAM. Seems since version 3 was introduced they have not been able to make the software function properly ALL OF THE TIME. About 12 hours ago Web Protection turned off. After messing around with quit, reboot etc., as recommended in forum posts, I have deactivated and uninstalled Malwarebytes 3 Installed version was Malwarebytes v Premium. Window 8.0 x64Bit I'm looking for an alternative software package. In the meantime I'll re-install WinPatrol WAR and a few other products that might just protect my computer 24/7 x 365 days. Malwar
  7. Hi Thanks for that information. I'll put up with it till the full stable version is released as I'm not keen on using beta versions. It's nice to know I just didn't overlook some setting that could have easily fixed it. Cheers,
  8. Hi I have Mbam Premium 3.0.6 set to perform a scheduled hyper scan every 4 hours. I usually forget about that and when I attempt to scan of a program I've just downloaded I get the pop-up message saying Mbam, "cannot scan while another scan is in progress". I have to right click on the icon on the tray, click open mbam, wait for it to appear on desktop and then close the scheduled scan results page. Is there a setting I may have missed that permits Mbam to close after a scheduled scan if no Malware has been found? Really, if the results are zero threat, I don't need to to see the rep
  9. Have reluctantly upgraded to version 3.0.6. The performance hit during scans is ridiculous. Task Manager shows MBAMService using up to 92% of CPU and memory up to 640,620 K. My laptop only has 4096MB RAM Physical Memory. I have trouble watching video or even browsing during a custom FULL scan. And the temperature of the hard disk climbs alarmingly. Please bring back advanced settings so we can reduce the scan priority. The new Avast AV has that feature and reducing its priority to LOW allows me to watch videos etc., while a scan is in progress. I don't want to go back to having to perform such
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it's been more than 30 days so that option is out. Regarding conveying, are you saying my friend could gift and or sell each license and each person who acquired a license could then activate it and thence upgrade to MB3, even though one license is for Anti-Exploit?
  11. Hi A friend purchased both Malwarebytes Anti-Malware & Anti-Exploit on 7 Dec. Cost of around $70. Now finds out that if had waited one day could have got both those and more in Malwarebytes 3 for much less. Told my friend that's just bad luck and unlikely to get a refund of portion of payment. Friend not very happy with Malwarebytes. Friend says Malwarebytes should have had some kind of warning or notice that a much more comprehensive version would be released the next day and they would be wise to postpone purchase till the next day. What say you? Should Malwarebytes have
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