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  1. So something has happened to my PC that makes it slow to startup. From 15 seconds to 1min 40sec. I've tried just about anything I could find from google searching to fix it - except a windows reset, hardware replacement, and a motherboard update. Since a motherboard update is pretty risky, and I have no hardware with which to replace, i've resorted to first check with a windows reset. It's a relatively new PC so don't have that much on it anyways, and it has fast hardware with a good internet connection so reinstalling everything shouldn't take long, if the process goes without errors. Question: Should I have to deactivate my malwarebytes premium licenskey before I reset, since malwarebytes would be uinstalled in the process? Or does it not matter, and I should merely use my licenskey again afterwards when reinstalling it?
  2. Hello @AdvancedSetup, and thanks Pertaining to my first question: I may have rephrased it poorly: I wanted to know if a website can manage to sneak anything in before MBAM manages to block it. Like, just a few hours ago I visited a blog entry on auth0.com - but when I activated images for it to read diagrams (I block images by default), MBAM came up and said that it had blocked some other url from that site. Another poster, on this forum, has recently written about that url: So, can anything malicious happen before MBAM will manage to intervene and block? Or does MBAM read all requests before our browsers do and block it in time before anything can happen, or something else?
  3. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and I have 2 questions. One regarding website blocking and another regarding malwarebytes scanning. I visited a website, which I thought seemed harmless, but malwarebytes premium came up and said that it blocked it. The website was . I apologize for posting the link here, I'm not sure how to disguise it. I was looking for information about sol files and it was the first google result. Anyways, after malwarebytes blocked it I got a little nervous about what happened, as one probably would, and so decided to run a scan. But malwarebytes was unable to run a complete scan. It continually cancelled it after 1 second. After I restarted my computer however it was able to scan just fine, and it found nothing. Neither did hitmanpro or windows defender (I know windows defender is pretty basic). So my question 1: Once a website is blocked during real-time protection, can a website manage to sneak in drive-by downloads or anything of the sorts? Or does malwarebytes manage to stop the website completely from loading anything? Question 2: What happened that my scanning refused to work until I restarted? In the log it says that it was canceled, but it did it on its own.
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