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  1. OK, I'm going to download the Support tool now. I have a slightly different issue now: the system tray icon has the red exclamation mark showing and says Real Time Protection is off, but when I open the programme it says I am fully protected and all protection tabs show as on. So which is it??? I don't know if I can even trust this programme to work properly anymore, I'd like to recommend it to others - but how can I? It's so unreliable now. I'll post a log from the support tool shortly.
  2. I am absolutely fed up with this issue. I keep going round in circles with Malwarebytes asking me to reboot to get real time protection started. It just will not start no matter what I do. I am on Windows 7. What am I paying for? This problem is OVER A YEAR OLD!!! Right now I've given up and am running it without real time protection. Just not good enough is it really?
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