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  1. I am very disappointed in the direction Malwrebytes has been going lately most noticeably in the recent introduction of this incompatibility between the Malwarebytes free edition and the Malwarebytes anti ransomware beta. I cant help but think this incompatibility was artificially created because the two programs have been able to run side by side for a long time before a recent update of my scanner introduced this flaw. The reason I am so disappointed is because Its quite clearly an attempt to strong arm users into purchasing features that they do not need or use. In my case I have a real time scanner and other security software and to be honest I only really use Malwrebytes in case something gets past my main antivirus. So I figured I would write to point out that you have essentially lost a user I chose to use the stand alone anti ransomware module and have completely uninstalled the main Malwarebytes application. I will be looking elsewhere for my on demand scanning needs.

  2. So far the main issue with this is the random focus stealing popups. The problem is that this kind of pop up notification begging for feedback is not acceptable EVER. In fact the way this is implemented to steal window focus has the potential to be destructive as many full screen applications encounter problems on alt-tabbing and focus loss. add an option to disable popups or ensure that popup windows do not steal focus.

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