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  1. Just now i was about to post thread for that.. The IP is the same, but the port's are different. This is multicast IP.
  2. Sorry for the late response: FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  3. I tried to open MBAM in the task bar below, but then this pop-up. Every time when i try to open it this pop-up even if i exit and reopen it. And again the web protection module was turned off, maybe is just only a UI bug..
  4. I'm sure that these apk's are not from google play. Just uninstall them. You just can't delete the malware in the app you need to remove the whole application, because the malicious code is in the apk.
  5. When i turn on my PC message pop-up and it says "Real time protection is turned off", then i go to the settings and i try to turn on the module, but without success. I can't give screenshot now because somehow web protection has turned on.. Bug check code: 0x0000001a this is in the dump file last time the system has crashed. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64Bit Build Version: 7601 Every time when i start my machine Sometimes the issue is fixed by itself and sometimes the protection doesn't turn on. MBAMSERVICE.zip
  6. Before i was having the same issue, i fix it when i turn off the web filter of comodo's firewall and everything was fine until now.. when i start my pc the web protection of MBAM just can't start and the UI button is green and it says "starting, but actually nothing is really happening. And yes everything is allowed to start when i turn on my system, in the program self defence module is turned on also.
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