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  1. Another scheduled scan issue I've just encountered with after just updated to 4.0.4 on two machines is that the delete option does not appear to work... at least visually. If you delete a scheduled scan, it stays in the list, but if you close and re-open the window, it is indeed deleted. i.e. the scheduled scan list is not being refreshed when an item is deleted.
  2. Not to steal focus away from the OP, but I just wanted to butt in for a moment and indicate that it may be more widespread (and inconsistent) than just a dial-up issue. I was having issues with Chrome and the latest MBAM with the CU3 update, and it blocking my internet, or making it horrendously slow at times. I knew, because I would load firefox up, go to the same site, and have no issues, whilst Chrome was still "Loading" and didn't liven up even with a F5 refresh. It behaved most of the time, and then occasionally just started playing up. I also tried turning the web protection off, and Chr
  3. I think a lot of that memory goes to the web protection shield... as when I was running MBAMv3 last, I tried turning off the resident web shield, and it dropped from the 350MB+ to approximately 100MB. So if you want to remove the protection.... then yeah, there is a way to reduce it, but unless your computer is running slow, and running out of memory for your programs... then it doesn't matter, and MBAM should have the memory it needs to do it's job. Memory reporting on Windows can be a bit confusing at times. If you look the attached screenshot from the Resource Monitor, you'd be forgiv
  4. Damn... had better stop gaming and doing video encoding on this machine also then... since that keeps the CPU die temp above 74C also!!! More seriously, the issue here is once MBAM is in a "not annoy the cr#p out of the user every time they start their computer" and also doesn't "lets just slow or stop your internet access for a while to play with your mind" ... (which since 3.06 it seems to have done on my lappy... haven't tried on the desktop... just pulled MBAM completely until it has had a couple more minor revisions... or maybe even until it gets to 3.10... depends on the reports
  5. True, my bad. Although the base assumption that they made would be that if you triggered the scan manually, then you want it to complete as soon as possible However, preferences would have been good... i.e a high-priority and background mode, as since I suspect it has gotten most of it's performance boost from becoming multi-thread aware/optimised, hence will use all of your processor cores instead of just maxing out the one and be a absolute horror if you want to say web browse whilst it's scanning. That sounds like the ongoing issue with running multi-thread/multi-core capab
  6. Because as new malware exploits are found it wants to check if anything was missed by files the real-time scanner cleared with the old definitions? The full scan is also much more through than the real-time scan, hence why it is more resource intensive. However, I don't feel daily scans are needed... weekly or even bi-weekly/monthly scans should be fine depending on the usage of your machine. However, that is just a personal opinion.
  7. @dcollins Well, either this is just a coincidence, or this gremlin is trying to trick me into thinking it has been mitigated, but I removed a couple of other bits of software that I don't normally use that integrate into the system a bit more than normal (Sandboxie, NetBalancer) and also added all the MBAM/MBAE executables to the exclusions for Sophos Endpoint and when I started the computer up this morning, it was fine - no warnings, nothing.
  8. I'm having the same issue also. I upgraded from MBAM v2 to v3 two days ago, and every time the computer starts up I'm getting the message about real-time protection layers being turned off, and other times my internet seems to have crawled to a halt, but becomes responsive again when I turn the web-protection OFF (after having manually turned it on in response to the warning message). I had absolutely no problems with MBAMv2, so this is most certainly NOT an improved version in my case! ... and I don't think this what was meant when you said 'new' either! I have booted the computer once
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