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  1. What do you guys think; I dont want to upgrade only to find out that it's terrible.
  2. I only got those two in a row and haven't had any since I posted the thread. Malwarebytes was current for updates all the time. I wonder if it will even happen again?
  3. Got these two "blocked due to malware" in Malwarebytes right after each other. Upon inspecting the log in Malwarebytes it said outbound connection, an ip adresse and firefox.exe browser (I am using firefox to browse the internet). Is there any way to get more info about what caused this? Could it simply be from a site I was visiting? Maybe some content on website may have linked to those pages, like ad or something?
  4. well, getting a new password worked. The error message kinda threw me off in a wrong direction, it didnt indicate a problem with the password. But thanks, I logged in now!
  5. My end goal is to login to my account so I can review my license information.
  6. I have bought a licence years ago, it's a yearly recurring subscription. Yes I have access to the mail addressee I associated with the purchase, I have also lots of mails from mailwarebytes about my purchase when I search my mail for "malwarebytes"; order reference numbers etc. In support article it is mentioned I must "find the invitation email sent to you". I cannot find such a mail, but as I understand the context now that mail would have been sent back when I bought my license, years ago. Must have been lost or maybe it went in junk and I never saw it and of course not its gone. How do I get access to my account now?
  7. When I try to access my account on malwarebytes website, I want to check my license information, I get an error that my account is not "setup". I dont know what that means? It says I must check my mail for instructions. I dont know what mail this is, I dont see any mail from Malwarebytes and I have checked my junkmail too. Screenshot of the error attached. How do I get access to my account?
  8. Today Malwarebytes found that the file Payload.vsix, a visual studio file in one of the visual studio install folders is "adware". Im leaning towards this being a false positive? The file has been on my pc since november 2011, so not a new file at all. I attached file for you too research it. Also attached mb3 report file. payload.zip mb3Report.txt
  9. I see. Would be nice if those features were part of MB3 Premium at least, since you, I pay for Premium, while ADWCleaner is free...
  10. ok yeah I know that it blocks a lot of not malicious sites. I have that problem too. I think it stems from they way because they use a clasification that I am not sure how exactly is setup, but it means that many sites that are not malicious at all can be placed in a malicious classification list that means MB will block it. To be fair I would rather have MB err on the side of caution. What I think MB lacks is better tools for customization. When MB blocks a site it's not super easy to just add that site to the exception list, you have to go through some convoluted steps to achieve that. Additionally for example when torrenting MB may block a lot of IP's adresses. This means that it constantly pops up that notification about "Blocking website". This popup intrudes in all other applications, including full screen videos and fullscreen games. If you want to watch video or play games uninterrupted while torrenting you have no other choice than to COMPLETELY disable notifications. There are no ways to only disable specific notifications, it's either all or nothing. Of course still would like be notified about other treats, just not the ip blocking from my torrent program, but as it is now that is impossible. This is obviously just one example of major lack of customization. Which is huge oversight form the MB devs. And it's been like that for a loong time now.
  11. Note this is the MB3 scan report form BEFORE I ran 360 Total Secutiry and Adwcleaner. It's curious that MB3 found nothing while Adwcleaner did. I thought MB3 should be able to find anything that Adwcleaner finds?
  12. ok I found the logs from AdwCleaner. Attaching them to this post, so you can see what it found. These are things that were found after I had run both 360 Total Security AND Malwarebytes. I am using Malwarebytes 3.6.1 Premium. Im also attaching the scan report from MB3. mb3_reportScan.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  13. Im sorry I just looked through the Log of 360 Total Security and the latest dates are from 24. juli 2018, so whatever things it found now it didn't log it. What about the AdwCleaner, does that make a log of some kind I can give you? Because it did find some things also.
  14. I can try to find them. I did a malwarebytes scan after I had used 360 total security and MB didnt find anything still (of course no surprise sinse it didnt find anything before). Then I ran AdwCleaner which surprisingly found some stuff. Shouldn't MB already find everything that AdwCleaner finds? what is up with that?
  15. Here's a little tip that I probably should known: Dont count on Malwarebytes as the only malware protection program. I ran a Malwarebytes scan that found nothing while I was definately infected with a browser search redirect malware. This must have been on the system level because it intercepted searches from any browser I tried, even new ones I installed as a test. It redirected searches when I clicked on links in search engines to the same homepage y***m.l***e-in-air.net (I blocked out some of the URL to not inadvertently help spread this malicious link). Seems to be some type of dating site, live chat or porn site (I haven't clicked on anything when that page comes up). I then decided to do a Trend Micro housecall scan. Found nothing. I then did a Free Norton Scan. Nothing. Installed AVG antivirus. Nothing. I then installed 360 Total Security and enabled Bitdefender engine and Avira engine. Guess what, it found 18 virus threats and after cleaning and restarting that obnoxious search redirect crap was gone. This is not meant as a demeaning post against Malwarebytes. I like Malwarebytes, it's very good and is excellent at blocking malicious sites and malware, but clearly there are things that it does not catch. The same is no doubt true for 360 Total Security too, so I would not rely on that solely either.
  16. How do I exclude an entire domain? For example I try to add for example somesite.com to exclusion but then mbam still blocks for example page1.somesite.com. So I try to exclude also that but then later page2.somesite.com is also blocked. So how can I exclude the entire domain somesite.com??
  17. Is mmogah dot com an actual malicious site? Or is it purely blocked because it's a mmo gold selling site?
  18. IT should be fixed now. Click on "Current" under "Scan Status" in the Dashboard, let it update. Then restart Mb, perhaps even your computer.
  19. Some says clicking "current" under update will fix it with a new update. Try it, then exit mb, then restart it and see if it helps.
  20. Still not working. Still the process grows and grows in the memory using a lot of cpu too. Web protection still off. Tried running update but it says it is current.
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