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  1. I use Private Internet Access currently, which has a great price, seemingly supports unlimited devices (maybe there is an upper limit, but my 16 devices can run concurrently one on sub), and stability is pretty decent. However at times I do get disconnected and have to change country server, sometimes have to do this a couple of times because then the second one I try is also having a problem. Now im wondering how good is Malwarebytes in terms of stability on american servers? Im not so interested in download speeds, only 20% of my actual internet line will be perfectly fine, but what I a
  2. I dont mind those IPs being blocked since they are know for malicious actions, it's ok to block them, my bittorrent works fine anyway. The main problem is the intrusive notification that I am not interested in seeing; and as it is I cant select to block only those notifications, it's still all or nothing as it has always been with MB (why not expand on this feature with the 4th iteration in the MB series?). So, I dont know if you fully understand the issue here: I dont mind MB blocking those IPs, by all means block them out, but please allow me to disable notifications for these "pseudo"
  3. But should I actually exclude the program from web protection? Im only interested in not having to have to click on that popup all the time. What I would really like is for MB to only protect against actual threats in the program, what it finds is not an actual malware (even though it says it is, it's kinda deceptive imo).
  4. yes it's when using torrent program, it says it found a trojan on an ip adress, but I know that there is no actual trojan, it's just the ip is suspicious because it has been used in malicious ways before etc etc. But not a threat to me in this context. So I dont want that notification popping up constantly when there is no threat. I wish there were a way to ONLY disable that notification, but I dont know how to.
  5. I dont see an option to disable notifications... please tell me this option is there somewhere?
  6. After choosing the restart option windows then restarted, it took quite a long time for the program to start. Like 4 minutes or so after logging into windows. Hoping this is one time thing due to the install. Program seems to work.
  7. so after installing MB4 I get these two popups... what do I choose and in what order? Do I choose first to say "No" to install new version? (because the new version had already been completed). And then "Yes" to restart system? This is pretty confusing, hoping for some help so I dont mess anything up. Thanks!
  8. What do you guys think; I dont want to upgrade only to find out that it's terrible.
  9. I only got those two in a row and haven't had any since I posted the thread. Malwarebytes was current for updates all the time. I wonder if it will even happen again?
  10. Got these two "blocked due to malware" in Malwarebytes right after each other. Upon inspecting the log in Malwarebytes it said outbound connection, an ip adresse and firefox.exe browser (I am using firefox to browse the internet). Is there any way to get more info about what caused this? Could it simply be from a site I was visiting? Maybe some content on website may have linked to those pages, like ad or something?
  11. well, getting a new password worked. The error message kinda threw me off in a wrong direction, it didnt indicate a problem with the password. But thanks, I logged in now!
  12. My end goal is to login to my account so I can review my license information.
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