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  1. I mean if that is the case that is like encouraging spammy behavior just to reach a certain VERY high post limit. So what should I do? Tour the threads making comments here and there making sure to make each post seem like it has meaning to game the system?? I dont want to do that (so I wont of course, but less caring users might). But this cant be the reason.. right?
  2. There's no edit option for me. Do I have a limited forum account or something?
  3. Why cant we edit posts? Is it really necessary to require posting a new post if we missed something in the first one??
  4. I would like to add that the option to start as soon as possible is also enabled as well as the time to start was set to the current minute.
  5. When I click "Scan" I get no options to what and how to scan, it just starts. To get options for scanning I have to use the planner, for example if I want to enable rootkit scanning and to specify drives. This doesnt start immediatly however, even when selecting the current precise minute it will still wait 5 minutes to actually begin the scan. I dont understand why this is so difficult, it should be straightforward options for me to select when I click "Scan". How does one IMMEDIATELY start a custom scan?
  6. I second this. It's about time this feature gets implemented.
  7. That would be nice, I like to be in charge of my own computer. I dont like it when major events are pulled down over me like that.
  8. So Malwarebytes told me it needed updating to a new version so I thought hey great lets update. Then when the update was done a popup informed me that the pc would be restarted in 10 min so please save important work (or press on the OK button and restart now). No other options. Unfortunatey I was in the middle of some work that could not be completed in 10 min, so I had no choice to disrupt my work and accept the forced restart. This is just bad design, even Microsoft finally realized years ago that it probably wasn't a great thing to FORCE restarts in a couple of minutes with users havi
  9. Thanks for your feedback; I will probably stay with PIA since they dont seem to have a limit on devices and the price is the best on the market plus they seem to be at least as good the best of all the rest. I would only be interested in changing if there were some that could prevent disconnects now and then (currently only happens on average once a week so I guess it probably unrealistic to expect anything better than this).
  10. Ah nevermind I found out how to delete the sheduled scan; at first I didnt see the entry in the scanner as a schedule, but it suddenly dawned on me where it was.
  11. The scans will often take place while playing a game, both cpu usage and disk activity takes a significant hit. I want to to disable automatic scans completely, how do I do that? I cant seem to find any options to remove the auto scan (I never set this up, it has been like this since I installed) Thanks in advance!
  12. I use Private Internet Access currently, which has a great price, seemingly supports unlimited devices (maybe there is an upper limit, but my 16 devices can run concurrently one on sub), and stability is pretty decent. However at times I do get disconnected and have to change country server, sometimes have to do this a couple of times because then the second one I try is also having a problem. Now im wondering how good is Malwarebytes in terms of stability on american servers? Im not so interested in download speeds, only 20% of my actual internet line will be perfectly fine, but what I a
  13. I dont mind those IPs being blocked since they are know for malicious actions, it's ok to block them, my bittorrent works fine anyway. The main problem is the intrusive notification that I am not interested in seeing; and as it is I cant select to block only those notifications, it's still all or nothing as it has always been with MB (why not expand on this feature with the 4th iteration in the MB series?). So, I dont know if you fully understand the issue here: I dont mind MB blocking those IPs, by all means block them out, but please allow me to disable notifications for these "pseudo"
  14. But should I actually exclude the program from web protection? Im only interested in not having to have to click on that popup all the time. What I would really like is for MB to only protect against actual threats in the program, what it finds is not an actual malware (even though it says it is, it's kinda deceptive imo).
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