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  1. Is it safe to do this by use of another computer? I just don't want to corrupt it through the USB if that's possible.
  2. Um...my PC seems to have been cut off from all possible internet connections. I know our internet is working for the rest of our home...What should I do? My computer has never done this before.
  3. Okay...It says that an error occurred in the application. The option to continue the application is unclickable and whenever I attempt a restart for it, the same error pops up. I've restarted my computer both in regular mode and safe mode and tried to restart the app again but to no avail.
  4. Yes, it found over 90 threats. I tried to remove everything found, but there was a problem. http://tinypic.com/r/243mhc0/9 I got this error that reads "Zemana AntiMalware has encountered a problem and needs to close." After clicking to send the bug report, my computer has been frozen. Any ideas?
  5. The scan has been stuck on 90% for around 8 hours now...What should I do?
  6. Hello. I need help!! Sorry if I make it hard to help me--I've never done anything like this before. I've had the MPC Cleaner/Desktop/AdCleaner virus on my PC for quite the while. After several attempts of trying to get it removed I've only been met with frustration!! I'm simply at my end. People I know personally have offered help with it but it has been months and still I'm sitting here, infected. Whenever I try to delete the MPC folder, I'm told that I am not the administrator of the computer and so I cannot do it. Trying to end the MPC process results in a message telling me that my access is denied. I've tried multiple scans and uninstall softwares but nothing has worked for me. MPC remains unremovable even in safe mode. Please, help me!! I'm at my wit's end.
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