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  1. Well, I figured it out... it was a conflict with a driver for the USB Wifi Dongle I was using. Removed that and the problem went away. FWIW, the BSOD would appear as soon as MWB tried to access the internet.
  2. Over the last week, I've been in the process of wiping and reinstalling a Windows 10 Home installation that had been compromised by a computer service scam. After finally getting Windows 10 reinstalled, I wanted to install the latest version of MalwareBytes (for which I'd purchased a full license last January on this machine but was removed by the scammers). As soon as I installed MalwareBytes 3.0 on the machine and turned on the options for "Start Malwarebytes at Windows startup" and "Enable self-protection module" and restarted the machine, I started getting the BSOD with the description BAD_POOL_HEADER. Following the instructions in another thread, I am running Driver Verifier, but to be honest there were only 10 drivers that were non-microsoft: dump_atapi.sys dump_dumpata.sys dump_dumpfve.sys mbae64.sys mbamchameleon.sys ndis.sys netr28ux.sys nvhda64v.sys nvlddmkm.sys rt640x64.sys That said, we are 18 hrs into the prescribed 24 hour period, and we've not had one BSOD on this machine. One thing I did do that seemed to help a lot (although isn't 100%) was to turn off Windows Defender. Could it simply be that MWB and Windows Defender 10 just conflict with one another? NOTE: Just to be clear, this is a brand-new install of Windows 10 with all updates downloaded and installed, and a brand new install of MalwareBytes 3.0.5. No other software has been installed yet because I wanted to isolate this issue first.
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