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  1. Seem to have resolved the issue. Thanks!
  2. I wanted to install Paint.net and could not find a good link on their site. I eventually downloaded it through a review link at Tom's Hardware I believe. But when looking for a good lnk on the Paint site, one of the download buttons went to something called Freeformsnow dot com. I immediately backed out and closed Chrome, but now I am getting notifications at the bottom right of my WIn 10 screen trying to get me to click through to different sites. Spam basically. I read about Free Forms Now being a browser hijacker extension but there is no extension for it listed in Chrome. Neither Malwa
  3. Malwarebytes had been completly uninstalled on my computer yesterday to allow Office 365 to work. Late last night I did a registry and computer cleanup then reinstalled Malwarebytes. Now Office and MB are playing together nicely. I'll post back with logs if that changes.
  4. OK. For now I do not even have Malwarebytes installed as I need to be using Office 365. I was thinking I would just wait for a couple more releases of Malwarebytes and then reinstall to see if it is fixed for me. But I realize that does not help if there really is an unresolved issue unique to Office 365. So if I have time later when I am done with Office, I will reinstall the latest version of MB and generate the logs. As I type that I realize that is one thing I did not try. I had kept MB up to date through the user interface, but had not actually gone through a manual uninstall and re
  5. So as soon as I posted this another thread popped up at the top addressing this issue. I guess my search skills really to su...! But in that case the response was that the latest updates to the Malwarebytes program have fixed the issue. But that was not the case because as of this morning, with the latest Malwarebytes, Office 365 was still crashing for me. I uninstalled Malwarebytes a couple of hours ago and the problem with Office 365 is gone. Maybe the recent releases of Malwaebytes fied it with the locally installed versions of Office, but not Office 365?
  6. Frustrating as I have searched here for just this topic and with my possibly bad search skills did not find this thread. So I just started my own thread and then this one popped up right above it! As of yesterday, using the latest Malwarebytes, Office 365 still crashes when saving. I have uninstalled MB to fix the issue but that is not a good solution. Maybe it is fixed for the locally installed versions of Office but not Office 365? And just as a further clarification, for me it is not just Word documents that crash, it is any Office doc, Excel, etc.
  7. I searched but did not find this. As it is obviously a big deal if true, I have to think that my search terms are just bad or something as I am often not the best at searching forums successfully. Please feel free to provide a link to a thread if this is solved/explained somewhere I did not find. I always keep Malwarebytes updated to the latest program releases so this problem was continuing with whatever was, as of yesterday, the most recent version of Malwarebytes. So the problem: Recently, at least a week or two, I started being unable to save any Office 365 Home documents. Offic
  8. Yes it has been good so far. Just thought I would update this since there are so many threads where one thing or another is not working for people. It has been almost a month now since I did the clean install of the latest version on my Windows 7 computer. I have not had a single issue during that time. This version has been working so well for me I can't decide what I will do when a new release is put out. You know the old "if it ain't broke..." quandary!
  9. @pmcjr Hi - You quoted me above so I just wanted to let you know that for me at least this is fixed in 3.0.6. But when I updated I went the long route of uninstalling and then cleaning up files, folders, and registry before installing a clean copy of 3.0.6. That may have made the difference. But in any case it has been a week at least now and everything seems to be as it should.
  10. This topic kind of went off on its own since I started it, but here is my report back. It has been a few days and the latest version seems to be working perfectly for me. I did do a complete uninstall of 3.0.5 after deactivating my license. When that completed, MB told me several files could not be removed and to do it manually. So I searched for and removed all MB files and folders I could find. I then ran a registry cleaner and removed all left over files there. Then I did a clean install of 3.0.6 and reactivated the license and added back in the exclusions. So far real time protectio
  11. And should I just uninstall it from the control panel? Or is there a better way?
  12. I am using 3.0.5 as shown in the screen capture. Windows 7. I have looked for exact instructions on the best way to upgrade to 3.0.6 but don't find any. When I check for updates in MB 3.0.5, it does not recognize that 3.0.6 is available. It just tells me I am up to date. Not sure why that does not work, but if there is a specific list of steps here or in support, please just link to it. Otherwise, I think it would be helpful for many of us less advanced users to know the best steps. Should I deactivate license first? Should I then uninstall 3.0.5 from the Control Panel or in so
  13. This is a pretty common issue in this release as several other threads show. I have a suspicion it might be a hard one to fix as it seems a bit different for different people. In my case I never have it turn off. Approx 50% of the time when the computer is booted, web protection starts fine. Maybe 40% of the time it is off, but clicking "turn on" in the popup fixes it. Of the remaining 10% or so of the time, 1/2 of the time clicking that button does not work and I have to open the interface and manually turn it on. The remaining times, even that does not work and I have to quit MB and re
  14. Mine is the same. I have not noticed any impact on performance though. Not sure if it is normal.
  15. @dcollins You are saying that if the window is open, MB "assumes" you are watching and want to finish fast so the scan runs at a higher intensity? If you minimize the window to the task bar, MB will run in the background at a lower intensity? This 2nd scenario uses fewer resources and takes longer, but the assumption is that you have minimized the window so doing other tasks takes priority over the scan speed? If I understand this correct, it is good to know. I have usually left the window open while a scan is running and just worked in other programs over it. I will remember to mini
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