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  1. I found that running mbam.exe as admin (right click run as admin), from c:/programs../* allowed me to delete the quarantine. I feel mwb should alert you that you need to run as admin.
  2. I have many client's that are reporting old database versions. When you right click on the system tray icon and choose check for update, malwarebytes shows that they are up to date. Once you hover your mouse over the system tray icon, you can clearly see the date is incorrect (outdated) and also when you check the MBMC, that shows the database version on those specific client's does not match the latest version as of today (Which is v2017.03.29.07) Example: I have a pc online, showing version v2017.02.15.08. When you check for updates, MWB says it is up-to-date. P
  3. I am also having this issue with MBMC version Did you ever figure out the issue?
  4. I have a few machines that continue to report threats detected / quarantined in my email notifications weekly. When I go to the machines and attempt to delete the quarantine, nothing happens. I read somewhere that you can go into "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Quarantine" and delete the files, but that is not acceptable. Unfortunately, you can not delete the threats from the console or the endpoint via malwarebytes (what good is this). Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a couple questions In regards to the Malwarebytes Management Console. 1) Could someone please provide me with the latest version of Malwarebytes management console. I do not see any "check for update" options in the management console. I am currently running v. Console and the client's are on version 2) I have MBMC set to automatically send email notifications. I seem to get re-occurring email's from the same client's. Does this mean a issue persists on the machine? Thanks
  6. Hello, Can someone explain to me how the MWB endpoint and console upgrades work? More so endpoints. I am having some issues locating documentation on how to complete this task. I was also informed by a MWB tech that you can not upgrade endpoints via deployment tools... which is very upsetting. Note from tech: "Third party tools also cannot upgrade a build over the top of the existing install. You would first need to uninstall the product, restart the machine, deploy and reboot again to finalize." Can you folks give me soe advise on how to sucesfull
  7. Hello, I am running MWB enterprise and noticed some issues with deployments. 1) If I scan a subnet using MWB console, it only finds a few machines (All pre-reqs have been met) I am thinking this may be because the MWB console is on a different network then workstations? I still do not understand why some machines get discovered but not others. So we have had to use a 3rd party program to deploy MWB to workstations. Question: Is deploying MWB via deployment tools supported? I have noticed that on some machines, I have to reboot before MWB will start run
  8. I am also having this issue. Computers show online and then offline even though I can ping them. Once I look at them, the srice is stopped. A reboot or starting the service appears to fix the issue so far. I have 300+ machines, local and remote. So it's really hard to keep tabs on which ones are having issues.
  9. when I try to add the .NET 3.5 program and feature via control panel, I get the following error - Window's couldn't connect to the internet to download necessary files. Make sure that you're connected to the internet and click 'Retry' to try again. Error Code: 0x800F0906 Yes I have internet access. This is a error I am seeing on many of my Windows 8.1 VM's and Surface machines.
  10. I noticed that end user's were able to right click on the MWB system tray icon and close the MWB program Does MWB plan to create a password lock policy so end user's can not close out of the program?
  11. Can someone tell me how I can tell if a client is running the latest definitions? I have my policy set to download from the internet. My PC showed that MWB was up to date when I ran MWB check for updates this AM, even though the last database date was yesterday's date.
  12. I have a few win 8.1 vm's that I can't get .NET 3.5 to install. I wasted about a hr today troubleshooting, when it would be nice if mwb did include it. Now to continue troubleshooting Windows.
  13. Hello, I was speaking with a MWB tech via email, and they got me a little concerned with a setting in the management console. The option "Remove and quarantine all threats automatically" The Tech cautioned me in regards to having this option checked in my scheduled scans... " Even though that option is there we caution the use of it as we recently had an issue where Microsoft didn't digitally sign their executable and their Kernerl32.dll was quarantined. Do to that option being enable as soon as the customers rebooted their desktops the file was permanently removed and the
  14. This issue has been resolved. Once I allowed the 18457 port, it allowed the service to show on the machines.
  15. Yes, they are all using the same policy. I created the installer via malwarebytes management console > installation package > Left all defaults. I tried with the .msi and .exe file - same issue with both (Side note: When I take the .msi and try to install it on one of my machines, it says it needs to be ran on a administrator account. I am the administrator so.. something is wrong with this as well and I think MWB should look into this). But currently I am using the .exe and deploying it via PDQ Deploy along with manually installing it from a USB Thumb Drive.
  16. Hello, I have been running mwb antimalware enterprise for a few months on 20+ machines (all different operating systems). Today I started rolling mwb out to another group of 20+ machines and I see that the program installed, it reports into the console... but I do not see the icon in the system tray. The system is set to show all icons. I have rebooted and reinstalled mwb several times (I am exporting the installer and installing it manually on the machines). Anyone have any ideas on why the this would not appear in the system tray for some odd reason. I also
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