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  1. Just a quick note to say this issue was resolved in the latest Beta update package 1.0.32788 which I had downloaded to resolve the networking issue yesterday. I had checked just the other day to see if the problem had been resolved with the current release but the problem had still existed but it's been resolved with the BETA I downloaded today. Checked several PCs and I can now load a elevated command prompt with administrator rights without issue.
  2. I can confirm the problem and the fix. I have Nine Windows 10 32bit system all running 20H2 (Home and Pro). On Monday night I got a MB popup that there was a new version. Since I do not have MB Beta updates turned on I assumed it was a fully tested and stable version so I pushed it out to all my systems rather than wait to the next day when I would have Patch Tuesday to contend with. Last night I noticed I could not see a machine on the network but i disregarded it as it was late. This morning I found I could only see 4 our 5 PCs in networking. Thinking it might have been a Windows update issue from yesterday I uninstalled a WIndows update on a problem machine...Did not make a difference. I then reinstalled networking....Did not make a difference. Then I searched the issue and found others in other forums were having similar problems and one person had said they traced it to........Malwarebytes. So I came here....And sure enough others were having the same issue. One person had said they had turned on BETAS in MB and did an update and that had resolved their issue. So that's what I did. Turned on BETAs for MB on all machiens and then did the update which did infact download after that on all nine systems. After that some PCs reported needing to either restart MB or needing to reboot. I rebooted all NINE systems and after reboot I can confirm all NINE systems can now see each other again in Networking. So I also confirm whatever patch was pushed today with BETAS fixed the issue. I have turned BETAs back off. Regards.
  3. I had already removed them from quarantine... Here the .zip from the MB Support tool just now completed.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Just detected and removed on a computer that rarely used. Doubt it's a legitimate threat as no previous scans (Years) has detected it. jsc.zip
  5. 1. Yes...When I exited MB from the tray UAC asked me to confirm. I then waited. Problem remained. 2. No. Not interested in loading the BETA. Sorry. 3. No not interested in uninstalling Kaspersky. Again thanks for forwarding to MB Staff. Good night.
  6. 1. Disabling Self protection had no affect. (I had actually discovered one of my systems this morning had it disabled already and it had the problem still). I tested just now again...No affect disabling Self Protection. 2. Quitting MB from the GUI and waiting also does not resolve the situation. I had tried this earlier today. I just did it again waiting for about 90 seconds. Did not resolve the issue. 3. UAC I had also tested setting back to Default this morning... It had no affect. cmd.exe problem remained. The only thing so far I have found is to disable MB Launch at Windows startup and then reboot. This resolves the issue on all systems.
  7. That was one of the first things I did this morning. Turn off all realtime services on the MB GUI. It had no affect. Still could not run cmd.exe. Then I turned them all back on. Then I set to NOT LAUNCH MB on Windows startup and rebooted. That resolved the issue. It is the same on ALL the systems. Turning MB back to LAUNCH AT WINDOWS STARTUP once again causes the problem. ALL Systems have MB and KASPERSKY installed. I held off on Updating to KASPERKY 2020 this year until MB sorted out it's issues with Kaspersky. Since MB released the compatible update there has been no issues between the two (I have exemptions in place in Kaspersky and have been running both for many years. During troubleshooting I also disabled Kaspersky (Before MB). It had no affect on the cmd.exe problem. The problem is related to MB. When you try to startup cmd.exe as an administrator with MB running you get a spinning wheel and eventually a warning saying you may not have permissions to access cmd.exe. (I am an Administrator). I believe that MB (32bit) is prohibiting access to the cmd.exe possibly as it's protecting \Windows\System32. Once MB is disabled on Windows startup there is no problem. This is a problem with MB. Thank you for forwarding the information to the MB Staff.
  8. Here's the results from one system.... To reiterate...All Systems are Windows 10 1909 32-bit (Home or Pro). Situation: Found today that cmd.exe could not be opened as an Administrator (No problem opening as a user). Found that Disabling MB in settings on start and rebooting I could then run cmd.exe as an administrator without issue. Reenabling MB would once again would prohibit cmd.exe from being run as an administrator. Verified on multiple machines. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. No thanks. I've already wasted enough hours today because of MB. I've advised you about the problem. Now it's MB Staff's job to fix it. Regards.
  10. MB Update Package 1.0.31178 Component Package 1.0.1061 Installed on NINE WIndows 10 1909 Home and Pro 32bit computers. ALL are unable to run cmd.exe as an ADMINISTRATOR when MB is running. After lots of troubleshooting I found MB to be the problem. If I disable MB to launch on windows startup (Under Security Settings) and reboot I can then run cmd.exe as an administrator without issue. If I turn MB back on then again I cannot run cmd.exe as an administrator. This was verified on multiple machines. All Windows 10 Computers are version 1909 32-bit. All versions of MB installed are PAID VERSIONS MB Update Package 1.0.31178 Component Package 1.0.1061.
  11. I've been using this for a very long time. Yesterday no problem. Today MB is immediately quarantining it. I ran it through virustotal and only one virus engine detected it as malware. I believe this is a false positive introduced in todays MB definitions. Nothing changed from yesterday to today. File attached. Start.7z
  12. Just got done installing KIS 2020 (i) on my 9 Windows 10 systems... Everything so far "appears" to be OK with the and 1.0.854 MB updates in place... ***I really wish Malwarebytes would "try" to work a little closer with Kaspersky...This incompatibility thing has been cropping up every version...And everytime we're told that all you need is MB and now MB and Windows Defender... It should be apparent after the last 5 years or so that many users want to run BOTH Kaspersky and Malwarebytes together... You are not really competitors as you both have your area of specialty so it would be advantageous to both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes to work together and inform each other of changes so problems can be avoided like this...This has been happening since at least MB 2.x (Maybe even 1.x)...It doesn't matter who's fault it is...In the end the customers suffer... Anyway thanks for the fix...
  13. Just to confirm what Maurice is saying...... Once we update to 4.1056 and 1.0.854 we are then compatible with KIS 2020??? I have nine systems to do (I'm still on KIS 2019)...I just want to make sure we are being given the green light to go to KIS 2020 (Seemed like we just went to the beta test)... I've already installed 4.1056 and 1.0.854 but want to verify first before doing all the Kaspersky upgrades tomorrow...
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