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  1. LiquidTension, Thanks for the update. I've been running fine with MB 4.x and KIS 19.x on my nine Windows 10 systems (three of them with the MB QT enhancements disabled). I hope that the fix will be tested "in-house" with various Kaspersky versions (KAV,KIS,KTS) before pushing it out on customers to test. Also if any exclusions are still necessary in Kaspersky regarding MB 4.x that will be helpful for customers to know ahead of time rather than suffering any further ill affects.
  2. This looks like the Hardware Acceleration problem that affected three of my computers after updating to MB 4.x. The solution was to run the batch file provided by MB Staff to disable the hardware acceleration. MB Staff advised future versions of MB 4.x will allow the disabling of this. If you don't have an updated video driver available (Like me) or an updated driver does not work I would suggest you obtain the batch file to disable the hardware acceleration from MB Staff. (Liquid Tension) This fixed the display issue with MB 4.x on three of my older machines that did not have an updated video driver option.
  3. Just wanted to add on to what others here have said regarding Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 with Patch "J" and Malwarebytes 4....I also have not experienced a problem between these two and will remain on KIS 2019 with patch J until a resolution between Kaspersky 2020 and Malwarebytes is found.
  4. As requested here's the DXDIAG.txt from the ACER. I ran the remove_eng.reg file to make sure the QT enhancement was not disabled. I installed the last updated 2008 driver. Tested the scan for the anomoly (Solid circle instead of spinning circle). The 2008 driver made no difference. The scanning circle went to a solid circle again. The DXDIAG.txt is being provided for your info. I am going to run the SetEnv.bat again to fix the problem. Again the last updated 2008 driver made no difference. DxDiag.txt
  5. There are no updates. The last time the video driver was updated was in 2008. Both the 2007 and 2008 driver does the same thing.' The laptop displays fine with the QT enhancements disabled. I'll just live them like this. There's no updated drive that can be installed other than a MS Standard drive which leaves the laptop at a very low resolution. This is the trade off when designing fancy graphics. Yeah new machines won't have a problem. But older machines will. Since the Old GUI did not have any problems on any of my machines and the three machines that are affected cannot be upgraded with a new video card/driver it's apparent the new GUI with QT enhancements is not compatible but luckily disabling the QT enhancements with the batch fixes the issue on these old machines. I'm not available today for further testing as I won't be at home. MSINFO32 and DXDIAG information has already been provided for all the machines. Thanks.
  6. So the machines are doing their daily scan now...AND....The Acer Aspire 5670...Went back to a solid wheel when scanning without the batch file changes in place. And yes that had the MBSetup.exe file run on it yesterday....I will put the setenv.bat back in place on this one as well...My guess is that the RCA Cambio problem also will not be corrected but I have to wait for that situation to occur.
  7. Yes. All machines had some kind of a problem. The DELL D620 is the one that had the black and white distorted UI problem in the original post. The ACER Aspire 5670 had the wheel that was solid instead of spinning during a scan. The RCA Cambio W1162 Tablet went to a white screen after the screen momentarily went to a black screen during a scan. Yesterday I removed the Batch file changes with the .reg file provided on all THREE of these and ran the MBSetup.exe from the link provided. Immediately the DELL Laptop went back to the distorted screen. I rebooted just to make sure. It was still distorted. I ran the Batch file (setnev.bat) to get the UI back on the DELL D620. This is how it is working now. The Acer Aspire 5670 and the RCA Cambio W1162 do not have the setenv.bat in place as I am waiting to see if the problem was corrrected on those.
  8. ALL scans on all computers completed in a normal timeframe this morning.
  9. As requested...Zips from ACER 5672WLMI ACERAspire5670.zip DxDiag.txt
  10. As requested ...Zips from RCA Cambio W1162 Windows 10 Tablet DxDiag.txt RCA1162.zip
  11. OK...thanks. For some reason...This morning for my normal 11AM scheduled scan that all of my NINE systems do ALL three of the systems that I had installed the patch on (Due to video display problems in MB) took aa very long time to do their scans. One was like 90 minutes, another was over 2 hours and the original problem Dell laptop I had to actually reboot and restart it (Then it completed in about 35 minutes which was normal for it)...Not sure what happened with these three as they had been scanning without issue for the past few days...The third system that I installed the patch on was a Cherry Trail Atom processor Windows 10 tablet that I encountered an issue that if the screen went momentarily black while scanning the MB UI would go to a completely white display (This was similar to what another had encountered in this forum on a different system)... So I actually have the patch (batch file) installed on three systems right now...
  12. P.S. I had another old ACER laptop with a ATI Radeon Mobile X1600 (Just updated to Win10 1909 yesterday)... That laptop did not have the GUI issue that the Dell Laptop did but it did have a problem with the spinning wheel not displaying correctly (Was more of a solid wheel) when it was scanning...I ran the batch file on that laptop and it corrected the spinning wheel issue and now that is displaying correctly.
  13. BINGO!!! Shutdown MB, Ran batch as administrator, Got Two Success statements. Opened MB and immediately it was working as normal. I did a reboot just to make sure after a reboot the fix was still persistent, and it was. BTW, I saw no decrease in performance between this GUI and the other installs on the other computers after running the batch. Thank you very much for the excellent tech. support.
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