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  1. Thanks for all the support you've offered here, Porthos, I think you've done a magnificent job. I wasn't affected by this because I only run manual scans and I too will continue to maintain my current security setup which does not allow MBAM to run continually with automatic updates (or automatic quarantines). I prefer to run manual scans and to check the forum before each one to ensure that there are no current issues. I have another AV program running in the background and this combination seems to work for me. I accept that MB will not have all the email addresses of their many users. Whether they should have as an integral part of MBAM's installation is something I feel MB should now consider as there is no doubt that a lot of the confusion and heartache in this incident could have been eased with prompt direct notification (preferably to an alternative device which could be part of the recommended practice on installation). It's not so much that people didn't know about this forum, or even that there was apparently no mention of the issue on the main website, rather it's that ordinary lay users would have had no reason to know or even suspect that the cause of their computer misbehaving was in any way connected with MBAM. I'm sure there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from this episode, by both MB and its customers, whether the latter were directly affected by it or not. That in itself will be a positive outcome, even if the company and some users will end up having paid a significant price in getting there.
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