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  1. Both my system and MBAM are functioning well. MBAM is no longer crashing and did not detect any issues during the threat scan. My last concern is regarding FRST which left a folder @ C:\FRST which contains, among other things, a quarantine folder that is NOT empty. Can I safely delete this folder and all other software I was instructed to use? Requested file is attached. 20161228 MBAM_export_summary.txt
  2. Attempted to edit post to put FRST.txt contents in spoiler, said too much time had passed.
  3. Hi Kevin, Below is the series of events, I type what I do for the sake of transparency.. Browser: Vivaldi 1.6.689.40 I have changed the downloads folder to the desktop. OS: Windows 10 Hidden folders view settings are set appropriately. Downloaded 64bit version of the Farbar tool to my desktop. Ran the recovery tool as administrator, no warnings. I was not prompted by smartscreen. I did not alter any of the whitelist settings, all options were initially checked. Addition.txt was already checked under optional. FRST.txt: Scan result of Farbar Rec
  4. Hello, It began with me noticing odd behaviour from malwarebytes anti-malware, the latest version. I am a premium user. For whatever reason, the anti-malware program did not boot with my start-up as it always does. I booted it up myself, and the anti-exploit component module would not start. It was stuck saying "starting...". I was a malwarebytes anti-exploit user before the most recent update to v3. I uninstalled malwarebytes anti-malware and removed everything from the anti-exploit manually except mbae64.sys which would not delete as it claimed it was currently in use. I rebooted in saf
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