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  1. Hi Malwarebytes staff my child potentially downloaded malware recently i would love it if u could help me. Attached are the txt files. Malwarebytes came out as clean however there was a fraud site blocked which makes me assume there is adware. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I have disabled autorun for now should that be a good enough precautionary step to take before I plugin in the hdd?
  3. I will use my own desktop, my parents old computer is long gone and I'm just gonna create a quick backup of valuable files, and yeah it most likely is clean, Im pretty sure I ran malwarebytes as well every now and then but I haven't done it in months
  4. and when I do this should I scan the harddrive with a capable anti-virus? as far as I am aware my parents frequently scanned with a premium version of kaspersky so it shouldn't be infected, im just a bit paranoid since I don't know what downloads my parents could have accidentally done etc.
  5. The laptop my parents had is unfortunately dead, it won't boot at all due to a motherboard failure and they have already purchased a new one, I didn't spend much time on their computer throughout the duration of it so I'm unsure if it ever was infected but I do want to be cautious. the hard drive has the OS that was used on my parents laptop if that helps at all. thnx for the quick replyl @1PW
  6. Ok so, my parents' computer died today and I want to plug in their harddrive to my computer to back it up ,however it is most likely infected and I don't want it to spread to my computer, what actions should I take?
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