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  1. It seems pretty much all users have the problem (including me). It would be nice if MB told us something for an aborted release.
  2. Sorry, false alarm. It was just one of the later screens during installation. I am being particularly paranoid currently. I am still trying to figure out why Bitlocker is suddenly here. I am wondering if the ever lovable MS has pushed a download to activate it. It would make a certain amount of sense since that is part of the "secure environment".
  3. That, I believe, is not what we got. T talked about removing things and us giving permission to do things. I have told my wife to leave it up when it happens again and get me.
  4. @plb4333 suggestion did not fix the problem. Same issue when I try to open the drive. My wife saw the post. It, as related to me, says I give permission to remove or otherwise do a bunch of things to my existing system. Apparently more that seems reasonable. When I see it , I can explain that better. What version or whatever should I see on the popup?
  5. Thanks. It is weird. All of a sudden it started consuming 100% cpu. I have tried find a cause. It still starts to resume encryption whenever I use explorer to open the drive. When it happened initially, It seemed to be associated with XYplorer. It seemed to coincide with that application. But an association is not clear/obvious. I have no feed back on any possibilities there. I have been researching; but I am not a pro. Powershell seems to say there is nothing odd. I have found various related things, but I am just not capable of understanding much of it. An aside; it sure would be helpful if MS noted that the - signs in PS are not after a space. Every time the message for Bitlocker comes up, it wants me to put in a password to continue installation. I am scared. Another side note; did MB just release a new version with a popup saying scary things about acceptance of anything you might do? I saw it on one of my machines but I am putting it off until I am sure it is legit.
  6. Yesterday I had a massive process start running. 100% cpu. It appeared to be Bitlocker running through all my data. I killed the process by rebooting. Every time I try to access a file on either of my disks, I get a popup that starts Bitlocker and wants to be given a Bitlocker password for the drive. This appears to be the actual new psw that would be entered to run Bitlocker. It asks for the psw and then again. I have no idea what will happen if I give it a psw to use. But I don't want Bitlockerto be active. I found a post here that said the 3.4.4 version of Malwarebytes could be the cause. I failed to check what version I had. I downloaded 3.4.5. But, of course, I could not run it without starting the Bitlocker application. I used Revo to install the update and that worked. It can read the drives. However (after a reboot) I still get the start Bitlocker popup when I try to access anything on the drives.. So, essentially, I can't use my computer. Anyone have some insights into how to clean this up? Is it MB. Or not.
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