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  1. Dear Support, Having downloaded a forum reader apk call baidutieba_AndroidPhone_v9.3.8.0( The malwarebyte found it as Android/PUP.Monitor.Agent.mop. What is the meaning of that? I have tried to upload the file to virustotal and the result is negative. The file information in VirusTotal is shown below. MD5 b336283b1bb21cce3b61b40ab6c33ce5 SHA-1 ff416c5d14ebf53fc9aac3a87f6e303dbab95002 File Type Android Magic Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract SSDeep 1572864:Efk7gFGYH4Xcoiq
  2. Dear Support, I have purchased the premium license for Android phone through Google Play Store. However, the application showed I still in trial mode. I have already contacted your support and the ticket number is 2085926. No feedback received so far. Please help to clarify and advise. Thanks!
  3. In addition, VirusTotal showed the file is ok.
  4. Dear Support, Please find the requested files in the attachment. ARW.zip MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  5. Dear Support, Any further action needed? Is it a false positive? Please refer to the screen capture. Thanks!
  6. Hi Aura, Yes, it is blocked by Anti-Exploit. After I re-installed the Office, it is fine now. Thanks! BTW, Malwarebytes did not prompt anything.
  7. Dear support, I just installed the trial version of Malwarebytes 3.0. PowerPoint 2016 cannot be started. However, word and excel and outlook did. Any idea? Ron
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