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  1. My apologies if this is already known; I glanced down the topic list before posting. In the Reports screen (and possibly elsewhere), the dates are in American format. They should of course be in the system date format; in my case, currently European, although I am thinking of switching it to International. (edit) Oops, forgot to state: this is the current version of Malwarebytes (downloaded this week), running on Windows 10 Personal (I think 64-bit, though am not sure).
  2. And as I said in the more detailed reply to which I pointed in my reply to this thread, the "optimizing features and a lot of other things" are what would make me ditch PC Matic (with alacrity), rather than Malwarebytes. I hate programs which reckon that they know better than me which kinds of files are "unwanted", since these far too often include important (to me at least) stuff such as browser history, and just over a year ago I ditched CCleaner for precisely that reason.
  3. People on this forum may be interested in another thread I created on this issue: https://forum.diabetes.org.uk/boards/threads/warning-it-is-claimed-malwarebytes-is-appropriately-named.63763/ (I hope posting of links to external, non-commercial (in this case a leading UK charity) forums, is allowed by the rules of this forum) Of particular note is that I replied to PC Pitstop's thread about the so-called "threat" of Malwarebytes, pointing them to the above thread; they deleted my reply. It would seem, as I pointed out in a subsequent reply to the above thread, that PC Pitstop can't take it when a criticism of them is a consensus, so they can't explain it away as an isolated opinion...
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