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  1. I have always used the F-secure CD, ftp://ftp.f-secure.com/anti-virus/tools/Rescue CD/ It boots to Linux and then it phones home and downloads the latest signatures and then scans. BUT it does not look for the things that Malwarebytes does. Maybe you should contact them and work together.
  2. I have seen this before where Malwarebytes will not update. In the past I could burn a CD from a good computer, delete the files in the Anti-malware folder, copy the files from the CD to there and it would run. This malware locks the entire Malwarebytes folder to prevent this action. I have ran all of the utilities on your site, rkill, Microsofts malware remover, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot Search and Destroy and Symantec's deep scan and nothing finds any problems. This is consistent with what I have seen in the past, none of the other products even look for this type of malware, only you product detects them. The attached diagnostic text file is all I could capture from running the MBAM support tool, it would create the file and then the file would be deleted. This is a devious little bug! I can allow you to attach to my computer and run any thing you wish. I also have another computer at my sisters which has this same issue. Diagnostic.txt JRT.txt
  3. I am having a similar issue, mine will update, scan and tell me that there are no threats. When I run Chameleon it will not down load the master.conf file, then it starts MBAM, runs a quick scan and says that nothing was found. I have ran JRT and rkill and have removed and installed several times. tbear1942
  4. It really does not have to be that difficult. I created a complete operating folder on CD from my laptop which was not infected and is updated to the latest files and tried to run it on my infected desktop. The problem is that you then download a conf file that of course cannot be copied to the CD. Why not just set this conf file to run in memory instead of coping it to disk? In the past I have been able to delete the contents of the Malwarebytes folder on the C drive and then copy the updated contents of the CD to that folder and it would run and clean the system. This worked because the conf file could be copied to the hard drive. This time that folder is locked by something? that will not allow me to delete the contents, says files opened in another program. Any ideas about how to fix this? I am thinking about taking the C drive out and connecting to my laptop by USB and trying to scan it like that.
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