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  1. Still going strong on 1.0.527 with CP update off. I will continue to hold as i have not had a single issue for just on a year now. Whatever you guys did in 1.0.527 you got it right 100% though i am using a layered approach with Avast Premier/premium which is up to date in all categorys for peace of mind.
  2. My reasoning exactly! I have had nothing but bliss since running the below version, my system is as smooth as silk. I too have learnt the hard way. 1.0.527 1.0.9608 << this is the only different version to yours. And Firefox has covered your prompt problem. N~
  3. I am still going smoothly on 1.0.527 with CP update turned off, i have never had a smoother experience than this for a long time. My PC does not hard freeze up any more. My PC shuts down without that waiting for program to close message. I am not willing to risk a change just yet so i will be staying on 1.0.527 and see what happens.
  4. This is very very interesting, if i remember correctly from approx around October 2018 i would also get the same "on the odd occasion" windows failed to shut down properly message on the next restart. My Fix will be to wait for 1.0.527 to prove itself then once it has updated to that then i will turn off my "Automatically download and install application updates" Until the next update proves itself. PS: Got to love it 1.0.482 has decided to turn off my "Malware Protection" just noticed it now. Will see what happens on next boot but i am not overly concerned at this point because Avast Premier is doing its job.
  5. PS: I do have all exclusions for MBAM in Avast Premier & all exclusion for Avast Premier in MBAM. I have always had those exclusions since the last avast/MBAM clash caused extensive issues.
  6. Sorry i will wait till they sort this mess out before i go enabling web protection in CU 1.0.482 which is known stable. What i have just noticed is that it has been a long time where Windows 7 actually shuts down without a prompt coming up saying it is waiting for a program to close! Now i know without a doubt the program that was causing this is Malware-bytes Premium! I have gone easily a month now without windows 7 giving me the waiting for program to close prompt when shutting down windows or restarting. MBAM needs work and a lot of it i'm afraid.
  7. Just reinstalled MBAM Premium using Component package version 1.0.482 with the Auto update App Component settings turned off along with Web protection also turned off. I am not in the mood for a full windows image restore again. :)
  8. I have had the hard lock up issue on a daily basis for the past 3/4 weeks unsure of the exact time frame. Only way around it was to hard shut down my PC then restart. Windows 7 64Bit Pro All updated Avast Premier Core Program and defs up to date MBAM Premium up to date. The only way i could fix the issue was to clean uninstall MBAM Premium approximately 1 week ago and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I have set Avast premiers protection to the most aggressive mode for the time being. This time i just plan to wait this one out while the developers figure out what is going on. This is not a fault report submission requesting help, i am simply posting in this thread so the powers that be know there is most definitely an issue at this time. Thank you.
  9. Here is 2 most definite sites. That were always blocked, i will look into my avast block list and post more next time as i have little time tonight. www.ringstone.net https://pharmacyreviewer.co pharmacy-reviewer.com
  10. Okay, Thank you 1PW Win Pro 7 64BIT MalewareBytes Premium It may take me 20hrs to see your reply and follow your next command as i am on AEST Here are the logs. Buddel that link is effectively blocked by MBAM mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt Setup Log 2017-05-28 #001.txt
  11. I am not a Kaspersky User, I use Avast Premier alongside MBAM Premium and i am having identical issues to you. I have started my own thread on this problem.
  12. Web protection is not blocking sites that it used to since upgrading from Version to version Avast Premier is having to do it for me as i had manually put those sites in my blocked sites list. Ofcourse there are many sites that i have not added to my Avast blocked sites list as i do not know them all. Any assistance would be appreciated. I already regret updating my MBAM "My Fault". To Thank you.
  13. I have always had a layered approach, Avast Premier & MalwareBytes Premium, I have just set all my avast settings to the most aggressive. I will never rely on 1 product ever.
  14. Agreed i think possibly by the next update it should be sorted.
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