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  1. I would if i could get to MB to open at all . I don't know it's getting to the stage that I just want my PC to work fine even if it means not using MB until this is all fixed .
  2. Well it's official now with KIS asking to delete MB completely . See attached pic
  3. Hi Nikhils, I will try but is going to be almost impossible since I can't open anything literally . Installed V4 again today just to try it all works fine with RP off until you reboot then all goes to hell . I might reinstall KIS see if that does any better . Will report back .
  4. Sorry to hijack thread but same here . I can't use my PC with MB installed . Everything is just total mess . Can't open anything . Pc is unresponsive like most of the time . Very frustrated . I think you guys should have waited longer before pushing V4 out .
  5. Hi, I don't know what on earth is happening but I just can't use MB anymore on my PC. Right from the start when I turn on PC all my icons are missing on desktop whatever I try to open ends up on Windows Circle for ages . Screen starts flickering icons shows then they disappear it's just total mess . Not able to open anything at all .Once MB is uninstalled everything works fine . I turned off RP but that didn't work . I tried older version V3 which did ok until next reboot same problem . Very frustrated right now . Love this software and been using it for along time but now i just want my PC to work fine .
  6. Hi LiquidTension , tried that first thing added Origin folder to exclusions as well all games installed with Origin . Unfortunately at least for me it didn't work . Nothing happens . I disabled RP for time being all is working now .
  7. Forget to mention key is working now and I have Premium activated it's just I can't register key under my account .
  8. To be honest I just clicked on My Account in MB and it takes me to someone else log in details as username . If I try to register on my account it says it's already registered . Not sure what's the story here . Feels like either third party seller who sold me this key registered under his name or the key itself has been hacked or something . Any chance this can be checked ? I've been in touch with MB support but it takes all week to get response sometimes . I have all details and purchase receipts to provide if needed . Thanks
  9. Thanks Porthos that did the trick . Hopefully we get this fixed soon .
  10. Logs from my PC attachedmbst-grab-results.zip .
  11. Hi, Not sure what is happening but lately i have to shutdown MB in order to run Origin and any games from it . Nothing happens when MB is on but once MB is down all working fine . Any ideas ? Thanks
  12. Hi there , Apologies if this has been asked before but I can't find a way to activate my Lifetime Premium License that I purchased . I understand of new changes for Lifetime License is tied up now with only one device . My problem is I had to install clean Windows couple times in recent days due to boot issue with Windows Update . First time i managed to activate Key without problems but I also had to change a Window Key as well ( thanks to Windows Update again ) and since then every time I try to activate key I get error that I need to deactivate my key from another device in order to activate it on the new one . Problem is I never added key in my account . When I try now it says already activated used something . What can be done to fix this problem ? Cheers
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