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  1. SOLVED: Update not working 6/5/18 8:51 am - Setup just hangs - rebooted - just locks up everything - forced setup to close - caused Windows to stop. Rebooted in safe mode - restarted update install - hang again - went to close and notice said it would stop install - clicked 'no' to not close the program install - then it magically worked.
  2. Adding domain https://*.ngrok.io does not work (also added http://*.ngrok.io - (cannot access even if type in the direct address of the main site in the address bar). Tried an IP - but it appears they do have different servers. Links are created in Local by Flywheel (did add that as well) but no joy.
  3. P.S. - Avast wouldn't let Revo uninstaller create a restore point - so try to create one manually before. After uninstalling AV, I unstalled Avast Browser program and revo was able to create a restore point (so avast AV must have been stopping it somehow in RU).
  4. All 3 of my computers were affected with no protection (or disabled) on MB. Yet there were other strange things going on as well. Not sure if it was a Malwarebytes Premium or Avast free update that started it all. I didn't have high resource usage, but couldn't open programs, etc. Avast ui wouldn't load and upon repair it said Malwarebytes was an infection. Also, just recently I started getting the MB couldn't load the rootkit driver. I have what I believe was the latest updates package 1.0.3804 - v3.3.1.2183 - components 1.0.262 (MB Premium) - for windows 7 64-bit Using Revo uninstaller I uninstalled Avast (and all associated registries) in advanced mode. Rebooted and MB is all good. Two questions: Does anyone really know if it was MB or Avast that created the havoc? Does anyone have recommendations for an Avast free replacement? Bitdefender OK?
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