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  1. I updated to 1.0.4096 and that fixed the problem. Thanks for your assistance. Dave
  2. Thank you for your quick response! I'm impressed!!
  3. I updated to 1.0.4094 and it failed. Attached is the report log. Yawcam Block 2.txt
  4. I have a webcam that is accessible through Yawcam and my DDNS provider. This morning Malwarebytes started blocking access to horseshoebend.ddns.net both locally and remotely. This has been running for months with no problem. I was notified this morning by a friend who was trying to view the camera. It is password protected and only available to friends and family. Attached is the history log for this event from me trying to view my camera. Can you tell me why this is being blocked? Thank you. Yawcam Block.txt
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