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  1. oops ...meant it was "odd" ... not "add"
  2. actually I have added it to the exclusion list but it is still being stopped by the "realtime protection". Yes. I know how to turn off the realtime protection as a workaround, I just thought it was add that first Norton popup says its safe then it gets blocked by malwarebytes despite being added to exclusion is all for giggles here are the logs malwarebytes false positive log.txt vmalwarebytes false positivesummary log.txt
  3. I believe that "biosagentplus_616.exe IS A FALSE POSITIVE ... from the website https://biosagentplus.com/scan/download/netscape
  4. I chose to put a password on my ability to turn off/on auto protect temporarily and of course I cant remember it now - the kicker is that I dont see the ability to click an " I forgot my password" link like there is when forgetting the password on the home screen log in area... little help?
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