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  1. Seriously? Class Action? Get real. Go and waste your lawyers time and he'll bring you back down to Earth. Edit: I'll save you a trip to your law firm: https://www.malwarebytes.com/eula/ #9. Feel free to thank me.
  2. Compensate you......? What are you expecting? lol....... "JOINED 16 minutes ago" Ohhh nevermind, you're likely a competing software developer looking to bait people into a discussion about your product as a replacement. Get a life.
  3. Yes, same. I refuse to use v3, It was complete garbage when it was released (BSODs etc.) and apparently it still is -- surprise surprise.
  4. Acknowledgement is appreciated especially when this error is crippling IT operations for thousands of customers.
  5. Thanks for the link. Good post, appreciate they are actually acknowledging the problem.
  6. Nothing is confirmed, but it is a possibility they've been hacked. I'm reserving judgement until there is more information. However, the staff ignoring this issue and ignoring this thread is pretty telling. Hopefully we'll get some information soon here.
  7. v06 is out. Still blocking everything. Strike 3 and still no response from Malwarebytes support. Sweet! Top notch.
  8. Can confirm v05 is working so far. Edit: Retract the above, still blocking things furiously. Strike 2..... 3rd fix attempt is the charm?
  9. Really pleased Malwarebytes support is communicating and being on top of customer support.... @MysteryFCM
  10. No go. Still blocking everything, including Google. Swing and a miss Malwarebytes.
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