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  1. I followed the procedure from the autoresponder and things seem good again on all three machines. They even survived a reboot. Fingers firmly crossed the fix sticks long term. J
  2. I was able to open MB 4.1.2 yesterday 8/7/20 without issue today it does not open from the Tray Icon or Desktop Icon. I have two other machines so I tried one and MB did not open. My third machine which I use infrequently had not updated Windows Defender since 8/4/20 and MB opened fine. After Windows Defender updated to today's signatures MB no longer opens. So now I'm kind of out of luck if I need to review a log entry or make a change to a setting to get things going again. Is this a known issue? If yes I appologize for the duplication but would appreciate a pointer to the solution. I attached a typical log for the crash. They are similar but not identical between machines. Any insight appreciated, J MB.txt
  3. Tuesday 5 am CST can't access pretty much any web sites with Chrome or Firefox. Disabling MB Browser Guard lets me access the sites sans protection.
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. You’ve answered my questions splendidly. J
  5. Hi, A few questions ... If I just sit tight will 4.0 eventually be pushed out to my machines? If I choose to install V4 now and I encounter a problem will I be able to roll back to V3? How? Where is the download URL for V3? Thanks, J
  6. An SMS Spam wasn't blocked so I checked by MB for iOS settings. It says I need to upgrade to Premium except I have an active Premium subscription until next July. I tried to activate the inactive features but it tells me there're already active but they aren't. Any insight appreciated. Oh it is the same on multiple devices eg. iPhone & iPad. J
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