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  1. I'll add myself to the list of those affected by MSE shutdowns.
  2. An SMS Spam wasn't blocked so I checked by MB for iOS settings. It says I need to upgrade to Premium except I have an active Premium subscription until next July. I tried to activate the inactive features but it tells me there're already active but they aren't. Any insight appreciated. Oh it is the same on multiple devices eg. iPhone & iPad. J
  3. I'm trying to register on Toyota's Techinfo site. This get's directed to snapon.com which is blocked by MB as being riskware. Toyota and Snapon are both reputable companies. Is this just a false positive?
  4. Cleverbridge is bad. I had a similar if not identical problem renewing a WinZip maintenance agreement. J
  5. Glad it's not only me. Had been using Google Chrome but with the new Firefox Quantum I'd thought I try it as my default browser this morning.
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