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  1. So I ended up resetting it again last night and I installed malware bytes and ran it right out of the gate. First scan came out clean, I left it untouched over night. I woke it up again today and there was a warning message about Firewey being detected and dangerous so I told malware to remove it. I ran another scan and this is the results 😕 I also sent a report and sent you a pm with my email address
  2. I have a Sky Elite 6.0L+ phone that is infected with the xhelper virus. This tenacious pain in my arse just keeps coming back! I've factory reset, I've flashed with new firmware and within an hour or so it's suddenly reinstalled. I have been fighting with this virus all day, deep diving online trying to find solutions and nothing is working. This virus redirects to aiboo.cc on chrome or "browser" every chance it gets, even if I'm not actively on one of the webbrowers. I have scanned using malware bytes and it always finds it but apparently can't rid of it all. When i scan with Kaspersky, it always finds xhelper, firewey and usually an app called settings, it calls them trojans or whatever but when I say to remove them, it always says 2 out of 3 uninstalled or it will show that 3 things have been removed and one file has been skipped. Is there any solution to get rid of this god forsaken virus?? I have Andriod Nougat if that helps in anyway. I'm fairly technically inclined so I'm comfortable with comman prompt or anything else I may need to do to make this thing go away so the phone is actually usable
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