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  1. It seems to be fixed. I uninstalled the previous version and it installed 4.04.49
  2. Hello. I'm on PC. i have a lifetime license. I got a popup that says ''Upgrade avail. A new and improved version of Malwarebytes is not available for free.'' I clicked install now and it seems like it installs but the popup keeps coming back over and over again. What's going on?
  3. Just like everyone else, my web protection went off. My PC screen went dark and the PC rebooted. Now, 98% of my ram is being used as well. mb-check-results.zip
  4. Same here!! (didn't check my ram but the PC crashed and this is a brand new computer...)
  5. If you didn't deactivate your license before you did that, then it's like the license is being used by another PC. You will have to contact support and any time that you go to reformat, etc... deactivate your license. Got rid of the issue for me.
  6. Well, it's fixed. Very odd. I downloaded this version yesterday and I have pro for life...did not say that there were any newer versions. What matters is it's working! Thank you very much, my good Sir, (or Madam!) Have a wonderful day!
  7. Thank you. I will give that a try. Appreciate it. New PC... had it working on the old one after a bit of tweaking.
  8. mb-check-results.zip Whitelisting it didn't help...I feel like I may be missing whitelisting files for Bitdefender but I'm not sure.
  9. I just recalled that I had an issue with Bitdefender before. I'm looking for which files and where to whitelist them. I still want them scanned when Bitdefender does its thing...
  10. Real-time protection is not turning on/staying on. An issue that happens every few months I guess. Anyone from MWB able to let us know if they are aware? Win 10 64 bit, I7 8700K, Z370 mobo... New PC so could be a setting this time but it was working yesterday. Thanks. MWB, still the best if anyone reads this and thinks it's a bad product. Issues happen!
  11. Hello. I have a forever license on my PC which has an ID and a key. I downloaded Malwarebytes on my Samsung S7 Galaxy and just let it use the 30 free days of premium. Now that it's expired, I need to activate it with my key but the place to enter my key doesn't work. There is no ID and key field. Any idea how to activate it on my phone?
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