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  1. The Browser Guard is blocking smile.amazon.co.uk Unless you know something that hasn't been widely announced, I don't think they're hosting malware. (The smile. is to enable a commission for charities, which everyone should be doing as it costs you nothing). Just a headsup. I've white-listed it and moved on with my life. Just thought it was funny.
  2. Not a complaint or a suggestion. Honestly not sure which section of the forum to put this. Five years ago I bought the Premium lifetime edition of MBAM. This weekend I built my first new PC in seven years and I was dreading the process of transferring the key. I've spent the day setting up password managers, about a dozen different game launchers and a host of my favourite utilities, but I left MBAM to last. Five minutes. Download, activate on new device, deactivate old device. No idea if anyone involved will ever read this but it's a great product and a painless transfer procedure. Thanks folks!
  3. FWIW I woke up this morning, turned on the PC and quickly got this notification. Identical to OP, except for PC name. I quarantined it to be safe but I'm kinda dubious. I'm on version 5374. My main surprise was that my Windows PC has a root folder.
  4. For what it's worth, the last patch seems to have sorted this out for me. Still curious how to delete a custom protection setting.
  5. It's Office 365, patched up to date. Thanks for the link. I've read through that other thread and at least the dev team is being made aware it's a bug. Guess I'll chill until it's patched.
  6. I'm running Windows 10, patched from a long-standing Windows 7 installation. I have a lifetime sub to MBAM and heard I could update to 3.0 by doing an install over. Seemed to work okay, but ever since, the Anti Exploit program won't let me open any MS Office files, either using Excel and Word or even Libreoffice. This is with a wide variety of files. If I turn off Exploit protection then it works as expected. Being a curious monkey I went into Manage Protected Applications and I see that I can turn off protection on a per item basis, but I'm assuming that's not a good idea. Oh, I also created a custom listing for Excel to try out - how do I delete it? There's an option but apart from toggling protection On or Off, the delete option remains greyed out. This is the typical text of the Report, and I've attached my log file. Looking through the log file I'm seeing a lot of Warnings and Errors which seem to be related to json files - I don't have Java installed, if that makes a difference. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 12/17/16 Protection Event Time: 5:48 PM Logfile: exploit.txt Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.39 Update Package Version: 1.0.772 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Exploit Details- File: 0 (No malicious items detected) Exploit: 1 Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic, , Blocked, [0], [-1],0.0.0 -Exploit Data- Affected Application: Microsoft Office Excel Protection Layer: Application Hardening Protection Technique: Exploit blocked by Bottom-Up ASLR Enforcement File Name: URL: (end) MBAMSERVICE.LOG
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