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  1. The Browser Guard is blocking smile.amazon.co.uk Unless you know something that hasn't been widely announced, I don't think they're hosting malware. (The smile. is to enable a commission for charities, which everyone should be doing as it costs you nothing). Just a headsup. I've white-listed it and moved on with my life. Just thought it was funny.
  2. Not a complaint or a suggestion. Honestly not sure which section of the forum to put this. Five years ago I bought the Premium lifetime edition of MBAM. This weekend I built my first new PC in seven years and I was dreading the process of transferring the key. I've spent the day setting up password managers, about a dozen different game launchers and a host of my favourite utilities, but I left MBAM to last. Five minutes. Download, activate on new device, deactivate old device. No idea if anyone involved will ever read this but it's a great product and a painless transfer procedure. Thanks folks!
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