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  1. Thank you! Would be great if there will be follow up on this as whether the update has been rolled out or not
  2. Hello, Following the title above I did ran another scan on my hosting and found no malware associated in all directories but got blocked immediately after the team unblocks them. May I know why? Did the system is still picking up malware from the site or something? Url in question: halotelco.vip Hope the team can assist me again on this. Thank you so much! Regards
  3. Hello, I am requesting to unblock the following site: halotelco.vip Previously it was full of malware and had the hosting cleared them. Hope the team can assist me on this. Thank you, Regards
  4. Hi, Your welcome. Thank you for the clarification ?
  5. Hi, sure! As attached. Thank you! atom.rar
  6. I would like to verify whether this detection is valid or not? atom backdoor.txt Yes, I have atom code editor installed. Thank you ?
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