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  1. I've just checked back after month of running with Ransomware protection disabled. Great news indeed! Thanks. I see above (prior to this update being released) that one of the mitigations was to revert Kaspersky to KIS 19. When I was last considering my response to the conflict, it was uncertain whether KIS 19 (or maybe it's patch following the KIS 20 troublesome patch) might have the same issue, and there was at least one report that the issue was in fact in KIS19 as well. Can we categorically say now that KIS19 was not affected? I have a relative who (I think is running KIS19 still
  2. From the links below, it looks as if Kaspersky 20 patch F and Kaspersky 19 patch J both primarily address vulnerabilities in their software. As the Kasp19 patch J postdates Kasp. 20 patch F, then If the issue is present in the patch J, I'd be surprised if they'd fixed it in patch F.... Info about Kaspersky patches....See... https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/new-patch-f-for-kis-2020-5734 (relevant thread of Kasp. forum - interesting post from @richbuff in there - Patch "G" soon...- but no info on content if that.) https://support.kaspersky.com/14378
  3. I use it, and yes, it's good and safe. Obviously be sure that you download it directly from the author's site.
  4. Note - THE OP's issue sounds very much the current issue with the latest kaspersky patch for Kaspersky V20. (patch e). If you are running Kaspersky, try disabling Ransomware protection in MB. Afterwards, you will need to log out of your user account, then use the "Restart" option from your login screen to reboot. Then try FF again.
  5. After disabling Ransomware protection, Log out (and ensure that any other users from that PC are logged out as well (not locked -they must be fully logged out). Then, from the login page, do a Restart (Not a separate Shutdown followed by a power on). This will ensure that resources locked by the deadlocked processes are released, and that Windows is reloaded cleanly.
  6. Comment: I've also been affected by this (for quite a while). I'm not posting this for direct support - more to add information to aid localisation of the issue. For me, my win 10 PC is now my secondary PC as I moved to a Mac a couple of years ago. As such the issue was annoying to me but is not critical enough to spend time raising my own support incident (although at the time indicated below, I did start gathering evidence to raise a call). The issue was Firefox locking up in the "Save As" dialogue when downloading a file. For me a clean install of MWB did not help (I did this at
  7. Since updating my Windows 10 PC to 3.4.4 (Premium-Lifetime licence), I've noticed a couple of instances of files being locked open without reason. I'm not looking to any troubleshooting of the issue or investigate more deeply at the moment as I now mainly use a mac, the Windows PC only being turned on occasionally for certain tasks. This is more of a heads up as i don't see other posts about the issue yet. Incident 1: After attaching a USB drive to the PC and copying a 20GB incremental backup file to it using Windows explorer, the USB drive would not eject (usually not a problem und
  8. I had to post the whole lot for it to make technical sense and credibility, and yes some of it is very technical. Unfortunately, I could present no fix or permanent work around. Yes, I could probably recover a system that had progressed to what I called the 'permanent’ incarnation of the issue I described, but it would be impossible to talk anybody but a third line (or good second line) technician through the procedure (it is the equivalent of open heart surgery on the user profile). Even I would have problems if the issue had been festering too long (and the files in the user profile had got
  9. Hi all, I performed some detailed research into a similar issue a couple of years ago and this might well be related. The issue that I'm thinking about is intermittent, and is easy to make incorrect assumptions as to guilty/affected products (bear with me on this). The issue also goes back a long way, before the first version of Windows 10 was officially launched. When I talk about "the issue" below, I'm referring to the issue that I investigated - which might or might not be related to the OP's issue. I probably need to state that I have 40 years of experience with technology. over 30 of
  10. From Magdala's topic "Malwarebytes" That's interesting. In another thread a couple of weeks ago treed seemed to say that lifetime keys would not work with, or be issued for with the Mac version (the unstated underlying message being that they were different products) The quote above seems to set equivalence between the versions for the different platforms, which changes the game entirely - it's now admitted to be the same product - just expanded in scope. My situation is that I have two lifetime keys, both initially used on Windows systems. One of those systems has been reti
  11. No problem, pleased to advise. There was a patch for the previous Win 10 version ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4032693 ) but that seems to have a problem of it's own. In any case, any non-enterprise user hanging out from Creators edition and not taking extreme (and unwise) measures to avoid it would lose the ability to defer it soon. x64
  12. Yes - see this page... https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4018124/windows-10-update-history (updated with each new update) So 4022716 for the relevant new patch for Win10. I love the way the Outlook search issue (causing major problems for my business customers) is relegated to the second to last bullet point in the relevant article ("Addressed a reliability issue in Windows Search")... Move along now, nothing to see here!!! June was a very poor month for MS update reliability. x64
  13. Performed 'over the top' install to bump beta version to (1.0.117) from Noted: The installation went smoothly I was not asked to (and did not bother to voluntarily) reboot. Display language again reverted to the generic "English" from my preferred "English (UK)". Report "sort order" bug reported in my post above still present. Again immediately after the Installation wizard completed and I fired up the UI, updates were reported as 'Current' but immediately found more to update when prodded. Comments: I had not experienced any obvio
  14. I've just successfully upgraded to the new beta release from 3.0.6 CU4.1. As suggested, I ran an over the top installation. As others have done, I voluntarily rebooted after the installation although this was not requested by the installer. The installation went smoothly. I have noted that during the upgrade, my premium (lifetime) licence and activation were correctly retained, along with scheduled tasks and exclusions. As reported by others, the UI language was reset. After the upgrade, updates were reported as "Updates: Current" on the dashboard, but clicking on that found mor
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