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  1. Hi Ron, Sorry for the delay. I ran the full disk check first then tried running FRST64 but it froze about midway through. I tried three times but it would still hang then the machine would be unresponsive. A log was still produced; I've attached two here. Scott Fixlog.txt Fixlog_test.txt
  2. Thanks Ron! I'll get this started now. Scott
  3. Hi Ron, Thank you for the response! Attached are the three files, please let me know if any additional information is needed. Thanks again! Scott CheckResults.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Hi All, I'm running across an interesting set of registry keys (IEAddOn.DLL) being flagged while conducting a full system scan on a coworker's machine. Here is some information after further investigation (FYI - all machines in question are Windows 10 OS): The same keys (IEAddOn.DLL) are found on multiple machines while other machines are coming back completely clean. Some of the machines with these "infections" are freshly imaged. The keys do not delete on reboot after running a full scan. In testing, I ran a full scan while in Safe Mode without networking and th
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