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  1. Arthi, I can confirm that running the stand alone product does not cause winword.exe to stay running.
  2. Do you mean disable Exploit protection in MB4 completely? If so, how do I do that? I can't see it.
  3. MBAMSERVICE.LOG I am still experiencing this issue. Only turning off MS Word as a "protected application" avoids the problem. Log is attached.
  4. I have this same problem as well. It is very frustrating. I had to spend a ton of time running this down. The problem manifested itself by multiple instances of Word opening on reboot. Very frustrating. After searching for an answer, I thought I had found it in a potential add-in problem. But then by testing add-ins, I noticed that multiple add-ins caused winword.exe not to terminate on closing Word. So more searching brought me to this thread. I tested having all add-ins enabled and disabling winword.exe as a protected application. Immediate fix! So the problem is definitely Malwarebytes. I am running the latest version -
  5. Never mind. I uninstalled and installed the latest version from the download link. It is now, so I have the latest.
  6. LT, I'm not sure what happened, but my message reply did not send. The new version definitely fixed the problem. I noticed that you recommended a new version in this thread to Todd. I checked MB on my PC and it had an update. I now have the version shown in the screenshot. Is that the latest version? Or do I need to manually update?
  7. Anything more on this? I have noticed that when I receive pop-up warnings about a site, they also have buttons without text.
  8. Ran the Support Tool twice. Neither time was it able to create the zip file. (See screen shot). I have no idea what to do now.
  9. I have noticed that when scans are completed, the buttons are missing text. Am I the only one experiencing this? I am on
  10. On dashboard view, under "System" on bottom right, click the word "current" next to updates. It will then download and apply new definitions.
  11. Seems to be fixed with an update just applied.
  12. Seems to be fixed with an update just applied.
  13. Malwarebytes is now blocking every website. This has just started occurring. It has to be a problem that needs fixing with an update. The only way to do anything on the web right now is to turn off web protection.
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