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  1. Ran safety scanner will attach MSERT log said no malware found but listed 4 or 5 resource errors. also ran Windows system File Checker tool it checked system 32 ran a quick scan sfc /scannow said no violations no report do I also need to run for 64? 11:30 already. will get ready for bed again...have to go buy gas then pick up at Walmart tomorrow! Thank you. By the way, maybe repairing that C update helped? NO BSC since 6 pm. Now maybe you can tell me what or where I can find a way to repair those errors listed in the MSERT log? Did
  2. Found the file after I ran it again. Think I might have made a disaster. tried to drag the listing that shows on Desktop on the bottom of the screen. Better luck here. Done. Thank you again Maurice. Carolyn... Did a Turkey slider from Arbys and opened a can of cranberry Sauce as a sauce and the horsey sauce isn't that great wit turkey.... Carolyn 😄 mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hello Maurice Just now saw the post. Did a restore on computer, because was BS almost as soon as signed in. Had some grocery shopping to do. (on line Walmart) got that ordered. Have to pick up tomorrow 7/26. Called the man about my roof leaking...real life sometimes interferes..... 😄 Used your 7 site to make a repair disc. Also found out how to get the problem with Eset taken care of, but have not tried Eset again. To check out if the 'repair' worked. I used eset years ago, made computer as slow as Adobe. Last time came up for renewal didn't. That and MaAfee
  4. Made a system repair disc. Another problem: Downloaded eset but it will not run. api-ms-win-core-winrt-error-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. esetonlinescanner.exe system error Did some reading, think I remember seeing the C files referred to in update. Your idea of how to repair, please. Thanks in advance. (asking instead of just bumbling forward and making a bigger mess).... Also downloaded the Malwarebytes second tool, have not used yet. lack of time. Thank you for your pat
  5. Had a problem with the computer last night, several SBD and I thought I had posted another reply to you. However...a black screen came up like adware was being run while windows sign in was being processed. TODAY this am 7/23/2020 Will it keep running on its own? Or should it be disabled and removed. Went so fast that I could not read anything except the first part Adware... Note: is this a problem? I put the adware file on my F: drive and clicked it to run from there. I don't know if where it is makes a difference? Programs that I need to install, I often do
  6. Honest question. I always sign out when I leave a site, better? or just being over cautious? When going to a financial institute I also close the tab I used to go there..... Thanks again....C.
  7. lost count, at least 4 that I recall, think there is an event list somewhere ??? set my power to not let computer sleep...need at least 6 hours to catch up on a backup service that uploads documents, photos etc to save. has crashed twice tonight since I set it up. Have to watch or it crashes & if you don't indicate by manual click to reopen in safe it will just open in normal... was doing something else , but sitting beside the computer...had about an hour of quiet running and all of a sudden the fan motor hit high. opened task manager and something called desktop download
  8. This link does not work for me. If I recall almost like a 404
  9. didn't read quite well enough. will it hurt anything to quarantine those dell files. They don't have any updates or support for this machine anyway.. Built as an XP converted or upgraded to Win 7 Pro and they are no help. Needed to upgrade the graphics because Microsoft denied Win 10 because of graphics... Please advise. Think there is a restore or remove from quarantine . Please advise. Thank you Maurice. AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  10. Scan done. 21 minutes, either it is faster or I have lost some stuff with all the BSD I think from one thing that I saw that Fire Fox has gone crazy. Have to much stuff from them. To many copies? Malwarebyts threat scan 7 22 2020.txt
  11. do you want the simple first page or the advanced results. I have anything that is detected or whatever put in to quarantine automatically. takes about 35 to 37 minutes to scan. will give it a try!. the zip file is much smaller than the txtssystem summary for Maurice.7z file... sending both. closing up shop and doing a MWB scan. Later. Thank you..hope you are still having fun. 🙂 ssystem summary for Maurice .txt
  12. My MB is correct and up to date. just for the heck of it I clicked run and did the msinfo32 Clicked on the summary and exported. do you want it zipped?
  13. Opened it and it is the correct one, also compared my update numbers and update of Malwarebytes should be correct. I have it set to update before each scan. wonder why it didn't do ? bumbling through with some excellent, very patient help. Thanks Maurice.
  14. Clicked on Malwarebytes on my toolbar, clicked check updates...it did and did, then opened FF and received another notice so updated again.... hope I didn't get invaded. zipped the dd and here it is. should be the correct one dds.zip
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