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  1. AdwCleaner log attached. It found something and I quarantined it! AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  2. Thank you for suggesting the Brave browser. I will check it out. The Windows notification is not there anymore. I will send you a screengrab if or when I receive another notification. I've attached the Microsoft scan results. Thank you for all your help. Happy Thanksgiving! msert.log
  3. Yes, I'd been using Chrome. I uninstalled it, planning to reinstall but couldn't reinstall. A couple things have happened since then: I got a notification today that said "Only alarms will break through." It had a focus button and a turn off button. The other thing happened on Amazon. You know how when you type an item and a drop down list of items apears? They were all mispelled. I had typed "copy paper" and every item in the list said "coby paper". Made me wonder if it's a fake website and not amazon. I've attached the Kaspersky scan. Thanks for letting me know about the latest version. Kaspersky full scan 11 2.txt
  4. I was not able to accept the license agreement to open the program. It said "Not responding" forever. I've attached the latest MB scan. MB Scan 11 22.txt
  5. Hi, I am not sure where the mb scan logs are. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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