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  1. Hi, @AdvancedSetup, I followed your steps and it was succesful! Thx for your support. Word, Powerpoint, Outlook etc. are now starting faster...with MBAM 3. Have a nice day, Ron. Lian Tojong
  2. I deleted mbam 2 and installed 3.0.6 preview: The bugs before are gone! You've worked hard for that -thumbs up, guys! The main problem - no bug- of the Mbam 3 version with included Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Exploit- is the absolute slow-down of a really fast PC-System!! And with Iggy Pop I would say: "No fun -my babe -no fun... " I don't believe in miracles, so I decided to return to my wonderful fast Kaspersky and MBAM 2.... Make your day..... and delete my account. tojong
  3. The same pop-up immediately after installation and after reboot, the same problem starting PowerPoint 2016....
  4. No more trouble with MBAM 3! Delete my account.
  5. Indeed, that's my problem, too. Powerpoint 2016 doesn't start. Impossible! MBAM 3 should remain in beta status, until all bugs are solved!!
  6. I have a Samsung SSD too. With -or without Samsung Magician - the pop-up-issue goes on....
  7. The Real Time Protection popup is my problem too...
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